Bring Back Trashed Files from Mac

“Yesterday night I have noticed that many unneeded files were saved on my Mac computer. To delete them, I have right clicked on few files and selected the option ‘move to Trash’. Later, I have realized that those files are very essential for my upcoming project work. Is there any way possible way that could help me to recover trashed files from Mac computer?”

If you are a Mac user, then you might have experienced above detailed situation while working on your computer. However, a common misconception with every individual is that when any file is deleted off Mac computer, it is completely gone from it. But if you have trashed a file and then understood about it importance, you can retrieve it using Trash Bin. Just open the Trash and search for required files in it. Upon getting files, just right click over it and choose the option “Put back”. This will immediately transfer trashed files to the original location from which you have deleted them. At the same time you can use Command and Z keys to undo trashing of files.

However if you have emptied Trash or deleted specific files from Trash Bin, then Mac does not provide any other manual way to regain your files. But your files are not really gone; it still exists in your Mac computer hard drive. Mac operating system doesn’t understand how to find it s So with the usage of right file recovery software, it is relatively very easy to regain trashed files from Mac.

Trashed file recovery software:

Yodot Mac File Recovery software has been specially introduced to combat with situation like accidental deletion and emptying Trash. It can undelete various file types from Mac machine that you have trashed or deleted by visiting Trash Bin. It will separately show deleted and lost files, so that you can easily identify whether you have deleted them or lost due to unknown causes. This application will arrange recovered files according to their name, size extension, created date and so on. This is handy tool and every individual can make use of it to recover deleted documents from Mac along with presentation files, animations, emails and many other file formats from your computer hard drive with its original quality. Download free demo version of this Mac file recovery software for more information regarding its workings and recovery steps.

Get back trashed files on Mac by following these steps:

  • Download Yodot Mac File Recovery software and install it to your Windows computer
  • After installation run it to begin recovery of trashed files
  • On the first screen you will find two options which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select first option and in case if does not show your files then choose second one
  • Choose the volume on Mac computer from where you want to regain files
  • Allow it to scan and then pick recoverable files
  • Finally save them on your computer or any other safe location

Valuable Tips:

  • Never choose “Secure Empty Trash” option as it will securely erase data from Mac machine without making you to recover files using any file recovery software
  • Do not move files to Trash Bin unless you check them properly

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