How to Recover Lost Files from MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro is the most popular brand of notebook introduced by Apple Inc. MacBook Pro comes with fourth-generation Intel i5 and i7 processors, high performance graphics, PCIE-based flash storage and Thunderbolt 2, etc. At present trends, most of the professional users desire to have MacBook Pro and other Mac notebook series. But, many times simple mistakes done by users have led to deletion or loss of files from MacBook Pro.

Consider a scenario, where you have lost some of the crucial files from MacBook Pro due to unknown reason and wanted to regain it back. In such situation, a query may arise in your mind on how to recover lost files on MacBook Pro?

When you come to know that some of your important files are missing on MacBook Pro, then check Time machine utility for presence of lost files. If Time machine is not enabled on your MacBook Pro, then find whether you have saved those lost files in any portable storage device. If you find them, then easily restore those lost files to your MacBook Pro. In case, if you have not enabled the Time machine and also don’t have backup of those lost files, then the only way to restore lost files from MacBook Pro is by using proficient Mac file recovery software. Prior to knowing about recovery application, let’s see some of the common causes for loss of files from MacBook Pro below:

  • Files from MacBook Pro might get lost due to sudden interruption while moving them to other storage devices
  • Empting the Trash without checking will lead to removal of important files, which were accidentally deleted and stored in Trash
  • Abrupt system shutdown while accessing files may result in loss of those files
  • Virus or malware attack on MacBook Pro can damage the hard drive or remove any infected files without user notice
  • Use of unreliable third party utilities on MacBook Pro can even lead to loss of certain necessary files

Tool for retrieving lost files on MacBook Pro

By making use of Yodot Mac File Recovery software, you can easily retrieve files that are lost from MacBook Pro due to diverse reasons. It is one of the efficient recovery software used by most of the Mac users to recover their missing essential files from MacBook Pro laptop. You can even use this file recovery utility to restore deleted files like music, pictures, documents and many other files on Mac OS X systems. The tool includes an advanced scanning algorithm that scans each and every chunk of MacBook Pro hard drive and retrieves your lost files with ease. This recovery program is very easy to use and has only few simple recovery steps. It works on all Mac OS X computers or laptops installed with Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Lion and Mac OS X Mountain Lion operating systems.

Procedure to recover lost files on MacBook Pro:

  • Firstly, download and install Yodot Mac File Recovery software on MacBook Pro
  • Then launch the software and follow the instructions displayed on screen
  • The software displays two options in the main screen. i.e., ”Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Since, you need to retrieve lost files on MacBook Pro, click on “Lost File Recovery” button
  • Now, recovery tool will scan entire MacBook Pro hard drive and displays all volumes present in it
  • Select the particular volume from which you need to recover lost files on MacBook Pro
  • After this, the application starts scanning the selected volume from MacBook Pro and shows all recovered data in different type of views
  • Select the desired destination location to save the retrieved files on MacBook Pro (don’t save the recovered files to same volume from which you are trying to retrieve files)

Useful Tips:

  • It’s good to have additional copy of your essential files in other reliable storage devices
  • Regularly update your security application on MacBook Pro to protect valuable files from harmful threats
  • Cross check the Trash before you empty it using the keyboard shortcuts

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