How to Rescue PDF Files from Mac System?

I was using PDF files from the day I learnt to use Mac computer and to my surprise I didn’t have any idea about what these PDF file consist of. Therefore, one day I made up my mind and went through in search of information that gave me a better explanation about PDF (Portable Document Format) files. As technology has advanced to much higher level, most of system users around the globe prefer to use PDF files to create documents as they cannot be altered by unknown users. Be it in an organization or for an individual, PDF files are used among all generations either to complete office work or for presentation in office or to complete the project reports.

One fine day I started to create PDF file. As I was completing the task, there was sudden system shutdown. When the system was restarted, PDF file was missing from my Mac hard drive. I searched the entire hard drive, but the required file could not be found. What to do now? Should I restart my work again? Or is there any way in which the lost PDF files can be recovered?

What leads to the loss of PDF files from Macintosh system?

  • Once Mac computer is infected with virus there are many chances that anti-virus program may delete virus infected PDF files along with other files without user’s confirmation
  • Sudden loss of power while previewing PDF files in Mac system can lead to missing of PDF files due to abrupt system shutdown
  • Formatting, deletion or loss of the drive containing PDF files is another cause for deletion or loss of PDF files
  • Abrupt removal of external storage media when you are transferring PDF files from system to external hard drive or vice versa may results in loss of PDF files

Although there are many scenarios that cause loss of PDF files from Mac hard drive, you can successfully recover the PDF files by using effective Mac data recovery tool.

PDF file recovery software

Yodot Mac File Recovery can be considered as one of the most opted Mac file recovery tools to restore PDF files deleted or lost from Mac system due to various scenarios as mentioned above. This utility is built with advanced features, which helps to scan the entire drive or volume within short time and the information recovered can be listed on the basis of file name, size of the file, date in which the PDF file was created. Make use of demo version of this file recovery product and try your chances of retrieving PDF data, once satisfied with results, then get access to full features on the activated version.

Simple guidelines to perform PDF file recovery on Mac OS:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac File Recovery tool in the system by logging in as local system administrator
  • As soon as installation process gets completed, the user can view short icon on desktop
  • Launch the application and proceed with instructions that are provided on main screen of program
  • Mention options
  • Select on the desired option that has caused loss of PDF files from Mac OS and then get to the next screen
  • Select the drive from where loss of PDF files has taken place; get on to the next screen
  • Here you will be provided with the set of file types that have to recovered, click on PDF file and then carry on to next screen which begins scanning process
  • On completion of the recovery process, recovered files are listed in Data View and File Type View
  • After previewing the retrieved PDF files, user can save them to any desired destination location you prefer on your Mac system

Safety Procedure:

  • Double check the PDF files before deleting them
  • Keep back up of all the data in separate external hard drive

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