How to Recover MS PowerPoint File On Mac?

Microsoft PowerPoint tool is used by millions of people to express their ideas visually in the form of slides on both Mac and Windows computers. PowerPoint application is useful for everyone to create documentation of their work or project whether they are business people, students, trainers or people related to any field. It has sophisticated features, which helps you to add animations, sound effects, images, hyperlinks, clip arts, tables, etc to make your presentation unique, interactive and informative.

But have you ever wondered how long the PowerPoint files remains on your Mac hard drive? You can lose them from Mac computer in an unexpected way. Lacking backup of important presentation file makes you anxious. However, there is no need to get furious thinking about deleted or lost presentation file as you have excellent tool called Yodot Mac File Recovery software to help you out in this regard. Before you see further details of this utility, one should be aware of the situations that may lead to deletion or loss of Microsoft PowerPoint files from Mac system. Few of them are explained as listed below:

  • Antivirus Scanning: You may use antivirus software to scan your Mac system to make it virus free. But while scanning process, antivirus software may remove your  important files including presentation files if they are infected
  • Incorrect File Transfer: Using “CUT + PASTE” commands in a wrong way or interruptions that might arise in form of power failures or sudden removal of external drive, etc while copying presentation files from Mac system to external drive might lead to loss of files by erasing transferred files from source location i.e. Mac hard drive
  • Emptying Trash: If you have accidentally deleted a PowerPoint file from Mac hard drive by making use of “Command + Delete” keys, then it can be restored from Trash Bin. But if you have emptied Trash Bin without checking its contents, then Mac OS does not give you other option to restore your deleted presentation file

Software to restore PowerPoint files from Mac computer

As already been discussed above, you can recover presentation file on Mac using Yodot Mac File Recovery software, so that you don’t have to recreate the presentation file again. This software supports the recovery of PowerPoint PPT/PPTX files created using Microsoft PowerPoint 2001, 2004, 2008 and 2011 versions. This application eminently retrieves your deleted or lost Microsoft PowerPoint presentation files along with its elements such as slides, images, tables, objects, animations, etc. You can also get back Microsoft Word or Excel documents from Mac machine using this tool. You may think can it really work? Then, take a free trial to scan your Mac hard drive and to retrieve deleted or lost PowerPoint PPT/PPTX files to estimate the efficiency of this Mac file recovery tool.

Go as per the steps given below to recover PowerPoint files on Mac

  • Download Yodot Mac File Recovery and install it to your system
  • If you want to recover PowerPoint file from any external drive, then connect it to your Mac computer
  • Now open the application and start the recovery by following the steps displayed on the screen
  • As you open the application, you can see two options namely “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select any one based on the situation. After you select the option, you can see all the drives present in your Mac machine. You can even see the external drive if it is been connected
  • Select the drive from where you want to recover the MS PPT/PPTX files
  • The application now displays all the file types present in your Mac computer
  • Just click on the file types, which you want to recover. Otherwise select “Skip” option to choose all files by default
  • The utility now searches for deleted and lost files by scanning the drive that you have selected
  • Wait till the scanning process ends and once the scanning gets completed, click on “Next”
  • You can now view the recovered files in two view types i.e. “Data view” and “File Type View”
  • Make use of these two options in order to make your selection easy
  • Preview the files prior to saving and at last save recovered presentation files in a desired location on Mac computer

Important Tips

  • Use updated version of reliable anti-virus program in order to keep your system virus free
  • Stop adding anything to your Mac machine once you have realized that you have lost files from it
  • Keep the backup of important files so that if you lost any file, backup can help you to restore files

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