How to Get Deleted Files on OS X Mountain Lion?

“Hi there, I have unintentionally deleted few files from my Mac Mountain Lion OS X while performing some task. For my back luck I had enabled Auto empty Trash option that emptied the Trash after every deletion process. Can anyone please suggest me on how to recover deleted files on Mountain Lion Mac OS X?”!

Macintosh is one of the best operating systems by Apple Inc. utilized exclusively on Apple computers. Build with extraordinary features and user-friendly GUI, this operating system is greatly in use among various desktop and laptop users. Series of Mac OS X includes many versions, recent one being Mac version 10.8 Mountain Lion. This OS version came up with outstanding new attributes to manage data on computers and share it over network between various Apple gadgets. However, as mentioned above users of Mountain Lion OS X are still reverting data loss in many situations. Most frequently encountered user mistake that render tremendous loss of crucial files is deletion process. Few reasons that result in complete deletion of files on Mountain Lion are:

  • Emptying Trash bin after every deletion process
  • Enabling Auto empty of Trash, which result in deletion of necessary files from it
  • Accidental pressing of “Command+shift+option+delete” key combination from keyboard will empty Trash without giving any notification
  • Using Terminal to erase any file from Mac

It is very disappointing when files of great important get erased from Mac Mountain Lion in any of these instances. Fortunately, there are number of quality file recovery products available online to accomplish recovery of deleted files from Mountain Lion system. However, it is very essential to note that, after encountering any data loss, one should stop adding new data onto the system drive. Else, it diminishes the complete recovery of deleted and lost files as a result of data overwriting.

Appropriate utility to regain erased files from Mountain Lion:

Using Yodot Mac File Recovery software is very simple to extract deleted files from Mac machines running with all major Mac operating systems. This tool is proven to be safe as it includes read-only recovery modules and is pretested against presence of malicious viruses and found free. The application can restore all Office files and personal folders like documents, reports, PowerPoint presentations, text files, compressed files, etc. from Mac computers and laptops namely MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iMac. Software supports recovery of files from Mac hard drives, external drives, USB drives and other storage media formatted with HFS, HFS+, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems. In addition to this, the tool can also restore lost and missing file types on Apple computers running with Mountain Lion (10.8), OS X Leopard (10.5), Snow leopard (10.6) and Mac Lion (10.7) versions.

Guidelines to perform deleted file recovery on OS X Mountain Lion:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac File Recovery software on to your Mac machine
  • Then install and run the utility to start with recovery process
  • In main screen, click on Deleted File Recovery option to regain erased files
  • Click on Next and select the appropriate volume on Mac hard drive from which files were deleted
  • After selecting the drive / volume, click on Next and wait for scanning process to get complete
  • Various file types restorable from that selected volume will be listed under Data view and File Type view window
  • Go through the recoverable files and select required ones to save it
  • Mention a new destination location on system drive or other external storage components and save the files for further usage

Points to be noted:

  • Before erasing any files from Mac Trash confirm whether the file is not important anymore
  • Always backup essential files from Mac Mountain Lion system to other storage components

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