Get Back Files from Mac Desktop

“Hello, my neighbor recently had a problem with her iMac. It was extremely sluggish and software was not opening at all. There were many files saved on the desktop, so I told her to move files to other volume rather than keep it on desktop. During the process of moving files from desktop, she accidentally deleted some important documents that were saved on desktop. What to do now? The data is important and I am wondering if there is a way to retrieve data myself. I have access to a good PC desktop and this iMac. Any suggestions guys??”

Mac is considered as the most reliable operating system that is developed by Apple Inc. The features and user interface present in Mac operating system is user friendly, easy to use and most of all it operates at very high speeds. A novice user, who has seldom idea about Mac machine may at times end up in deleting important data that was saved on desktop. Take a note at some of the scenarios that lead to loss of data from Mac machine’s desktop:

  • Accidental Deletion: Users may accidentally delete certain valuable files while deleting unwanted files from Mac desktop. Deleted files from desktop will be moved to Trash folder on Mac system; but emptying Mac Trash without checking files present in it will delete them forever from Mac system
  • Improper File Transfer Process: Abrupt removal of external storage media when files are being transferred from Mac desktop using Cut Paste method; interruptions while moving files from Mac desktop to Mac volume, etc may lead to loss of files that were getting processed. Therefore proper care should be taken when file transfer is carried out
  • Usage of Unknown Applications: Using unknown applications to enhance the speed of your system, without keeping data backup can be dangerous sometimes. These applications at times delete the files that are saved on desktop without users authorization

Looking at the above scenarios, many users can consider themselves as lucky because these issues have not been face by them yet. Well, in computing world no one knows when an error can occur and take away our entire valuable files in a blink of an eye. Hence to be on safer side, it is recommended that you maintain data backup or else have an effective file recovery tool called as Yodot Mac File Recovery that can retrieve your files immediately from Mac desktop.

Mac desktop file recovery tool:

Yodot Mac File Recovery is the best solution to undo deletion or loss of files that has taken place from your Mac desktop as a result of various scenarios that are mentioned above. All that needs to be done is to install the utility and follow the simple steps that are provided by simple interactive graphical user interface. Apart from Mac desktop, this utility can also rescue files erased or missing from Mac hard disk volumes in any unexpected way. In addition, recovering files from external hard drives, USB drives, FireWire drives and other storage media is possible by using this tool. This Mac file recovery program supports file recovery from iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air that runs on versions of Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mac Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks operating systems. If any support is needed in recovering deleted / lost data from Mac machine, you can always contact our technical team, where top priority is given to solve your problem at the earliest.

Follow the simple steps to recover files from Mac desktop:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac File Recovery tool in the system by logging in as local system administrator
  • Run the program with the help of shortcut icon provided on the desktop
  • From the main screen of the utility click on Deleted File Recovery or Lost File Recovery option based on the scenario that has caused loss of files from Mac desktop
  • Once the option is clicked on, from the next screen select the drive from where recovery process has to be carried out
  • After the drive has been selected, proceed to next window from where user can select the file types that needs to be rescued
  • At last start the scanning process of the selected drive
  • As soon as the scanning process gets completed, user can view the restored list of files in Data View or File Type View as desired

Helpful Tips:

  • Double check the files before deleting them
  • Boost your virus protection with regular updates
  • Maintain backup of valuable data in separate storage media