Retrieving Lost or Deleted Files on Mac

“I lost all files on Mac computer accidentally. I am wondering whether I can get them back. Please help me out!” If you are in a similar situation as mentioned here, you are at right place. This article describes perfect method to retrieve deleted or lost files from Mac.

All have that sinking feeling when we realize that important files has been accidentally lost or deleted. It seems like entire data is gone forever, but there are several ways that you can follow to recover such files. The most important thing to remember here is, if you haven't emptied your trash then that is the first place to look at. If you have kept backup with Time Machine, you can retrieve your files from there too.

Let us see how to restore files from Trash and Time Machine:

Method1: Looking into Trash Bin

Open Trash Bin from desktop and find the deleted items that you want to restore, by scrolling through the Bin. Then right click on the file and select 'Put Back' option. If the option is not available, you have to drag the file out of the Trash Bin and place it on any location. Moreover, if erased files are no longer present in Trash then the file is permanently deleted.

Method2: If you have used Time Machine function to backup your files, you can restore older version of files that you have lost or erased. Now, open a folder from where you deleted or lost some files. If your Time Machine backup is located on external drive or network drive, connect the drive before proceeding. Click on Time Machine menu bar, select 'Enter Time Machine' to connect it. Use arrows to move back and forth between snapshot of that folder or use timeline to jump directly to specific backup. Double click on a file to open it, use preview to find the version of file that is closer to the one which you want. Select the required files and click on Restore option.

If none of the method works, try using prominent third party tool to recover lost or erased files from Mac operating system without any trouble. One of the perfect software is Yodot Mac File Recovery.

Salient features of file retrieval software:

Yodot Mac File Recovery application can restore missing or deleted files from Mac hard drive efficiently. It doesn’t write a single bit to original content while restoration as it involves read-only algorithms. It can easily recover lost files on Mac OS such as Leopard OS X 10.5, Snow Leopard OS X 10.6, Lion OS X 10.7, Mountain Lion OS X 10.8, Mavericks OS X 10.9 and Yosemite OS X 10.10. By performing appropriate file signature scan, you can get back Pages documents, Notes, Number files, archives, KeyNote files, basic media files, compressed files, and other file types from Mac OS X. Addition to lost files, it can recover deleted items from memory card, pen drive, portable hard drive, Firewire drives, SSD and so on.

How to use the product?

  • Install Yodot Mac File Recovery utility after downloading and wait till the main screen pops up
  • On main window you will get two options like 'Deleted File Recovery' and 'Lost File Recovery'
  • Now click on required option to recover lost or erased files
  • In next screen, select the drive from which files are lost from Mac machine
  • After completion of scanning process, recovered files will be displayed in two distinct view types such as 'Data View' and 'File Type View'
  • Switch between those view modes and have a look at retrieved files
  • Then Save them on desired destination location using Save option


  • Avoid adding new files to your Mac hard drive after losing any files
  • Check twice or thrice before deleting multiple files

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