How to Restore Mac PC Files?

“I own iMac for my day-to-day computer activities and it is an amazing PC I would say. But then I did not know much about Time Machine and recently emptied my Trash by overlooking at its contents. This has resulted in major problem as Trash held few useful critical files. Now is my stuff simply gone or can it be recovered back? Please help, all kinds of suggestions are welcome.”

Introduction of Mac desktop was one of the major steps taken by Apple to grab computer user’s attention across the globe. For the present generation Apple gave iMac desktop which was designed to operate with wireless keyboard and mouse. All Apple desktops are unique from each other and so is its behavior towards data storage. Apple PCs can get hold of vast file types and just like any other computer even Mac PCs can discard files from its hard drive due to many reasons.

Most common ways of losing files on a Mac PC is given here:

  • Use of unstable power backup for Mac PC may render sudden power outage during any data activity. This may cause missing or loss of such files
  • Software or hardware conflicts can cause frequent restart of Mac PC which may sometimes cause loss of files
  • Trashing files unintentionally or by unauthorized users on Mac PC when Auto-empty trash is enabled will delete those files beyond manual recovery
  • Use of Terminal on Mac desktop to erase files will eventually remove those files without sending it to Trash
  • Pressing ‘Command+Option+Shift+Delete’ keys together will empty files from Trash without giving any confirmation message

Losing files from Mac PC is rarely seen when Time Machine is not enabled. So, with the presence of Time Machine, all lost, missing or deleted files can be brought back within fraction of minutes. However, in case Time Machine isn’t enabled then make use of reliable file restoration software to retrieve data from Mac PC.

Best utility to bring back files from Mac desktop:

Yodot Mac File Recovery is the best utility that can possible recover files from Macintosh machine with much ease. One can utilize this tool to rescue Mac PC files like Pages documents, iWork files, sticky notes, pictures, HTML files, PDFs, compressed (RAR, ZIP, etc) archives and other file types using unique signature search. It promises safe recovery of deleted files from Mac hard drive with HFS+ and HFSX file systems even after emptying Trash. This software also supports lost / erased file recovery from external hard drive, USB thumb drive, SSD, memory stick, FireWire drive, etc. storage components compatible on Macintosh PCs. It can be installed and made to run on iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro and notebooks including MacBook Pro and Air that function with OS X Leopard (10.5) and later versions.

Procedural steps to get back files from Mac PC:

  • Download Yodot Mac File Recovery tool on your Macintosh PC
  • Install the tool by following given instructions and launch it
  • A main window opens up showing two options, namely “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose either of the options based on file loss from Mac PC
  • By clicking next, software will display all drives associated with system
  • Choose particular volume on Mac PC drive from where files have to be rescued and proceed next
  • Now, software scans selected logical drive to regain possible files from it
  • Restored files will then get displayed under ‘Data View / File Type View’
  • Examine retrieved files and save it to target destination location in your Mac hard drive but to different volume

Things to remember:

  • Do not empty Trash on Mac PC without checking what files reside in it
  • Save backup of critical files form Mac PC in different storage location