How to Recover Lost Files on Mac?

Updated on March 04, 2020

If you have no idea on how to recover lost files on Mac, then go through this useful guide. Yodot File Recovery Software for Mac can restore lost files Mac unless the memory space on the Mac Volume that was occupied by the lost files are not overwritten with new files. So, as soon as you notice that the files are lost from your Mac machine, stop using the Mac Volume immediately in order to avoud overwriting of the files, and utilize this Yodot Mac File Recovery tool to get them back. Before going on how to restore lost files on Mac, let's have a look at few common data loss scenarios on Mac.

  • Emptying the Trash folder after simple deletion of the files and folders from Mac results in permanent deletion of the files. At times, while removing unwanted stuffs from your Mac, you may accidentally delete few important files along with unwanted ones, and emptying the Trash folder after deletion results in permanent deletion of the files.
  • Formatting the Mac Volume intentionally or accidentally without any backup leads to permanent loss of data files. Sometimes, you may intentionally format the Volume, whereas in few cases, when the Mac Volume is damaged or corrupt, you format the Volume in order to make further usage of the drive. In the second case, your Mac won't allow you to backup your files.
  • File system corruption, severe malware/virus infection on the Mac Volume can also result in data loss. Infected Mac Volumes may becomes inaccessible, and when you try to access the infected drive, you may end up with some error message.
  • Deleting the files and folders on Mac with "Command + Delete" combination keys results in permanent deletion, as the files bypasses the Trash folder, and gets removed permanently from the Mac system.
  • Presence of excessive bad sectors, Mac OS crash, formatting errors, incomplete format or changing the file system without proper knowledge, etc. can also result in permanent loss of data on Mac

In all these data loss scenarios, you can get your files back, if you have Time Machine backup. However, if your Time Machine is not working or if you have not maintained Time Machine backup, then too no need to worry. Just remain calm, and read the below section of the article.

Whenever you lose a file on Mac, only it's entry will be removed instead the actual file. The memory space on the Mac Volume occupied by this lost file will be made free for storing new file. Untill you don't overwrite new file on that memory space, there is good chance of recovering the lost file with Yodot Mac File Recovery Software.

Yodot Mac File Recovery Software to Restore Lost Mac Files:

With the usage of a Yodot Mac file recovery software, you can restore lost files on Mac, provided that the data contained in the files are not overwritten by new data.

Yodot Mac File Recovery tool recovers lost files that include documents, photos, movies, archives, audio files, etc. from Mac hard drive in all data loss scenarios. It will help you to recover files from other external removable media such as memory card, flash drive, USB drive etc. The program works in read-only mode and can be run on almost all versions of Mac OS X till macOS Sierra. The trial edition of the software is available for free download that recovers lost files on Mac and allows a free preview of the recovered files prior saving. Thereby allows it's users to evaluate the chance of data recovery prior activating the complete edition. Now, download the free demo ediiton and follow few simple instructions given below to recover lost files Mac.

Instructions to Recover Lost Files Mac with Yodot:

Step 1: Launch Yodot Mac File Recovery tool and click on Lost File Recovery option on the main screen.

Select Lost File Recovery

Step 2: Click on the volume from where you want to restore lost files on Mac and click on Next button.

Select Volume

Step 3: The tool scans your volume and shows a list of lost files in two views.

Recovered Files

Step 4: Preview your recovered lost files. Select required files and Save them (to another volume).

Save Files


  • Stop adding anything to your Mac machine once you have realized that you need to recover lost files from Mac
  • Keep the backup of important files. If you lose any file, the backup can help you to restore lost files on Mac

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