How to Retrieve Deleted/Lost Zip Files on Mac OS X?

A Zip file is sometimes called as “archive” files. The Zip files are data containers; they store one or more files or folders in a compressed form. By compressing a file, you will take less disk space than an uncompressed file. The large files and folders are compressed when they are sent through e-mails. Zip files can be protected by unauthorized users by setting password for it. A Zip file achieves three things, they are listed below:

  • It bundles one or more file into a single container
  • It compresses its contents to be as much as 90% smaller
  • It can provide an optional password padlock on its contents

How to make a Zip archive in Mac OS X?

You can use the below steps to create Zip files of files, folder or both:

  • Right click on files or folders you want to zip
  • Select “compress items” from the popup menu
  • Finally find newly created .zip file on the same directory
  • If single file is being zipped, the Zip achieve will maintain the standard file name by appending .zip extension. If more than one file is zipped, the zip archive will be named “” and if multiple achieve are created than it will be named successively “” and so on.

Although Zip files are very useful in reducing disk space and transferring them through internet, there are some instances in which you delete or lose your Zip files from Mac computer.

Some of the commonly encountered situations are as mentioned below:

  • Accidental deletion of Zip files by pressing “Command+Shift+Delete” keys
  • Abruptly removing the USB drive or any external storage drive from Mac system during file transfer
  • Empting the Trash without checking the Zip files that are present in it
  • The Zip files may be deleted by third party applications like virus or malware
  • Improper shutdown or sudden power surge may even result in losing your crucial Zip file
  • If you are one of the Mac OS X user, who are suffering from loss of Zip files due to any of the above problems, then don’t be stressed. There are many recovery tools that are available for recovering your Zip files on Mac machine.

How to recover Zip files?

You can easily retrieve your Zip files by using competent file recovery software. Yodot Mac File Recovery is one of the efficient recovery software which is used by many of the users to recover their Zip files on Mac OS X. This software has the ability to retrieve all your lost or deleted Zip files from Mac hard drive, external hard drives, USB drives and other storage media on Macintosh Operating System. The tool not only retrieves archive files, but it also recovers files like music, pictures, documents, videos and many other files on Mac machine.

How to recover Zip file using the software

  • Firstly, download and install Yodot Mac File Recovery software on Mac machine
  • Launch the software and follow the procedure displayed on screen
  • The software displays two options in the main screen. i.e., ”Delete File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select the appropriate option depending on your Zip file loss situation
  • This tool will scan the entire Mac system and displays all the partition present in the Mac machine including the external hard drive
  • Select the logical drive from which you need to recover your Zip file on Mac
  • The recovery tool will scan the selected drive from Mac machine and shows all recovered data in different type of views
  • Preview the Zip files prior to file restoration
  • Select the desired destination location to save the retrieved Zip files on Mac machine (don’t save the recovered files to the same drive from which you are trying to retrieve files)

Tips to remember:

  • Make use of an updated anti-virus to remove virus from system
  • Protect your important Zip file by assigning the password
  • Use proper utility to extract your files from Zip archive

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