Retrieve Accidentally Deleted Photos from Mac

“Primary partition of my Mac hard drive was almost full and it was repeatedly intimating me about its size by displaying a warning message. Seeing this message, I have decided to remove unwanted files from Mac system. Upon selecting files, I gave command to delete it. Now I realized that I have accidentally deleted few photos from my Mac computer. How can I find them on my Mac computer? Any help regarding this problem will be appreciated greatly”

If you have committed same mistake like above, then don’t be despair!!! After deletion of photos, you can search for them in three places of Mac computer. First place is Trash Bin which is also known as temporary storage device of files which have been removed from Macintosh system. It does not have size limit and stores any amount of data which you have deleted from Mac; therefore visit Trash Bin and right click on photos which you want to get back. Select “Put back” option, then photos will be automatically transferred to the original location from where you have deleted them. However, if you have emptied Trash Bin, then you will not find deleted photos in it.

Second location is Mac Terminal; In Mac you can access certain files as well as folders using text based application called Terminal. In case accidentally deleted pictures are still present in your computer, then Mac Terminal helps to find it. If Mac Terminal fails to find deleted files, then it clearly means that the photos are no longer present in your Mac system.

Third and the important location to check for accidentally deleted photos is Time machine. Using Time machine, you can restore your whole Mac system to a previous state by keeping rest of files intact. Hence if you had ran Time machine while deleting photos, then those images should be present in Time machine. If not, then it indicates that Time machine has not been executed at the time of photo deletion.

Accidentally deleted photo recovery software for Mac:

Apart from Trash, Terminal and Time Machine, you will not find any other place to restore accidentally deleted pictures from Mac system. Therefore, the most convenient way to recover mistakenly erased images from Macintosh system is utilizing right photo recovery software such as Yodot Mac Photo Recovery. This is amazing software whose intensive scanning will examine entire Mac system hard drive and extracts available picture formats to retrieve it without damaging further. Many users have utilized this software and retrieved photo formats such as BMP, TIFF, PSD, JPG, TGA, TIF, SID, QTM, PSP, 3DMF, MFF, AEMF, DWG, PCD, JPEG, PNG, GIF, WPG, WMF, QFXPIC, PCX, PBM, etc. In addition to Mac system, it facilitate the users to recover files from digital media devices like DSLR cameras, camcorders, iPods, MP3 player, MP6 player so on.

Directions to get back accidentally deleted pictures from Mac:

  • At first, download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software and install it to your Mac system
  • Launch the software and go according to the guidelines given on-screen
  • Main screen shows two options which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • In order to recover accidentally deleted photos, you need to choose “Deleted Photo Recovery” option
  • Now available drives on your Mac system will be visible to you
  • Hit on specific drive to rescue image files from it and let the application to scan that drive by pressing on “Next”
  • As soon as the scanning process gets completed, you will be presented with list of file types so that you can choose required file types from it
  • Pick the one you needed; otherwise click on “Skip” option to select all file types by default
  • Check recovered files using two view types and preview them for confirmation
  • Finally save restored photos into safe and desired location apart from the source one

Valuable Tips:

  • Run Time machine every time you do tasks such as copying, deleting, transferring, etc.
  • Never delete any photo using Mac Terminal since it gets deleted immediately without storing to Trash

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