Mac Photo Recovery after Formatting

How to recover photos from a formatted memory card? Is there any way to recover my photo library which I lost due to hard drive formatting? What should I do now? Have I lost my photos permanently? Is it possible to recover them?

Answer to all these questions is here!

Whether you have formatted a memory card or the entire hard drive or any other storage drive, you can definitely recover your important files or photos. Remember one thing after formatting, do not use the drive or store any new data to it. Because this can overwrite your data and hence leading to permanent deletion.

Because when you format a storage media, the entire file system is created once again. But the previously stored photos will be still present there but are not accessible to you. Therefore you can recover them with the help of a recovery application.

What are the scenarios related to formatting?

  • Accidental formatting of your hard drive, that contained your entire photo collection
  • Formatting your camera memory card or any other removable media that hold photos
  • Converting the file system of your storage drive from FAT to NTFS or vice-versa
  • Formatting the internal memory of your camera, mobile phone or camcorder within itself

Why Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application?

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application has the ability to recover your huge photo collection from your formatted hard drive in a single go. It not only offers premium recovery features for recovering JPG, PNG etc but also RAW images like CR2, CRW, NEF, DNG, ORF, ARW etc. Its hybrid scanning algorithms performs advanced scanning that recovers digital images by keeping its quality and clarity intact.

Steps to use the software

  • Always download the software in a drive unlike the one from which you need to recover files / photos
  • So, download the software in a partition other than the formatted one and in case of entire hard drive formatting then download the software to another computer and attach the affected hard drive t it
  • Install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application and run it in the system
  • Select from the two option displayed, that is choose "Lost photo recovery" option to recover photos after formatting
  • Select the formatted drive from which photos are to be recovered
  • As the scanning process ends, select the photos that you want to recover
  • Preview the image to confirm whether it's the right picture which is recovered and also to confirm your selection
  • Browse to select the destination location and save the recovered photos


  • Regular back up of data is a must
  • Double check before formatting the drive
  • While recovering a RAW photo, if the software is not showing it in the list, then chances are that the image is recovered as a TIF file
  • Use write protect knob to prevent accidental formatting of removable medias
  • Preview the photo before recovering / rescuing it

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