Retrieve Files after iPod Classic Not Working with New iTunes

“I use hard drive based iPod Classic which was working fine while listening to music. But, yesterday when I upgraded iTunes software with its new version; my iPod Classic was not working with it on Mac computer. I was not able to find single song or files stored in it after upgradation process. How to recover files missing after iPod Classic is not working with new iTunes application.”

Most of the iPod Classic users have enthusiasm to grab new features in iPod by updating its iTunes software. However, after upgrading or installing new iTunes application in iPod Classis, one should be careful while synchronizing or importing that latest iTunes library in that device. Otherwise, you might experience data loss scenario as mentioned above. Sometimes, you need to have knowledge on the facts that causes loss of files from iPod Classic after installing new iTunes software. Let us discuss some common reasons for inaccessible iTunes in iPod Classic:

  • Improper installation process or missing some plug-in while installing new iTunes in iPod Classic can make this device not working with newly installed iTunes software and may leads to disappearance of files stored in iPod Classic device
  • Synchronization of iTunes with iPod Classic is vital process to access music files and other data in that digital gadget. If anything goes wrong while newly installed iTunes, then logical errors may occur, which can forced users to reset or restore iPod Classic by erasing entire files and folders saved in it

Don’t get upset, if you have lost your favorite songs or other media files from iPod Classic device due to the above mentioned reasons; Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software will help you in restoring back lost or missing files.

iPod Classic file recovery tool:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is the most used media file recovery tool to restore lost or erased files from iPod Classic, when it is not working with new iTunes software in secure way on Mac system. The software allows you to extract all types of files including music files (MP3, MP4, AIFF, M4b, WAV, AMR, etc), photos (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, etc), videos (AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, MPG, 3G2, etc), podcasts and other files from iPod Classic. Along with iPod Classic, it can even retrieves files from iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano after accidental deletion, formatting, restoration, virus attack and other critical issues. This program also get back media files from hard drive, external hard drives, memory cards, USB drive and other successfully. You can run this software on Mac systems running with Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks operating systems.

Steps to get back files after iPod Classic not working with new iTunes:

  • Connect the affected iPod Classic device via USB to Mac computer
  • Download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software to that Macintosh machine
  • Run the tool and follow the onscreen procedure
  • Use “Lost Photo Recovery” option to recover lost files from iPod Classic
  • The program scans and displays all the volumes or device drives present and connected to the system
  • Choose the volume representing your iPod Classic and click on “Next” button
  • The utility scans the entire iPod Classic drive and displays all missing files from it
  • View the rescued files in two different views i.e. Data View and File Type view which eases your search
  • Finally, browse for the destination location to save your retrieved files on system or other storage devices

Note: It is suggested not to save the recovered files to same iPod Classic device, because the chances of original data getting replaced is very high

Important Tips:

  • Do not store any new files on iPod Classic after data loss issues with its iTunes application
  • Backup iPod Classic files and folders before updating iTunes software
  • If you not sure about complete process of installation or upgrading new iTunes application, then take assistance of techy savy persons

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