Recover Photos from Casio Camera

“I had been out with friends and carried my Casio camera to capture some pictures there. The camera was filled with enough photos of ours, but in all images one of us was missing as the person was busy taking photos. So, I handed over the camera to a person who was passing by to capture everyone in the group. I don’t know what exactly that person did, I lost all my photos from the camera. I regret for relying on some third person and not making use of timer for capturing photos at that moment. Now, can I restore photos onto my Casio camera in any way?” You might have come across a situation like this. How careful you may be, things which are meant to happen will happen.

Pictures are the precious files that no one would like to lose. If it is taken out of digital cameras then losing photos from it will be like a nightmare. Casio digital camera is one such device producing effective pictures and these can even be modified with number of editing options. Casio has different models of digital cameras, from which you can choose on the basis of size, whether it is water proof or not and so on. But it happens that you lose photos from cameras in case like above. Then you may be looking for a way to get them back. In such situation, you can retrieve photos using recovery software on Mac system. But be careful enough to avoid losing pictures from your Casio camera by keeping in mind, the below scenarios of photo loss:

  • Format: You may format Casio camera drive without backing up your cherished photos. It might also happen that you unintentionally format storage drive of Casio and lose all files it consisted
  • Accidental deletion: You may delete photos from Casio camera accidentally instead of selecting some other option. Selecting important photos along with unwanted ones or clicking on “Delete All” option on camera removes all photos at a stretch from it
  • Photo transfer interruption: While transferring photos from Casio camera to Mac drive, interruption of photo transfer by power failure, software conflict, loop in connection, etc. results in photo file loss from Casio camera
  • Virus infection: If photo files on Casio camera are infected by virus then you will lose them. If not then, when you connect memory card on Casio camera to Mac, then infected files may get deleted due to inbuilt antivirus on Mac

Above mentioned are the most usual scenarios of photo loss on Casio camera. In addition to that, you may also lose photos from Casio cameras due to improper handling of memory card in it. However, you can get them back using photo recovery software like Yodot Mac Photo Recovery.

Remarkable features of photo recovery software

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is one of the best tools in market that can perform Casio camera photo recovery successfully. It helps you get back photos of various file types like JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, TIFF, etc. including DNG RAW image file generated by Casio digital cameras. This utility supports restoring photos from different memory cards used on digital cameras like SD, SDHC, SDxC, xD, CF, microSD, etc. This tool is compatible with iMac, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Hence, you can retrieve photos from external drives on these computers.

Procedure to do deleted video recovery from JVC Everio:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software and install it to your Mac desktop or laptop
  • Plug in your JVC Everio camcorder via USB cable
  • Run the application and follow the on screen steps
  • To recover your deleted videos use “Deleted Photo Recovery” option
  • The tool scans and shows all internal and external Volumes connected to the computer, choose the Volume which represents your JVC camcorder and click “Next”
  • The software repeats the scanning process and shows all deleted files from it
  • Choose the files which you would like to recover
  • Save the recovered files to your desired location for example on your Mac hard disk volume, Pen drive or even on CDs or DVDs

Useful Tips:

  • It is highly recommended to not save the recovered videos on to the same camcorder device which causes overwriting
  • Install a powerful antivirus application to make your Mac system virus free