How To Get Back Deleted Videos On iTunes?

“I have been using iTunes media player ever since I bought my new MacBook. iTunes is an easy to use media player wherein you can store all media files like videos, photos and music files in iTunes Library and access it when required. But two days before, I wanted to make some changes in iTunes media player and while doing so, I accidentally deleted important videos. Those deleted videos are really very important to me, so all I want to know whether erased iTunes videos can be restored?”

Yes! Deleted videos from iTunes can be easily restored!

iTunes is the default media player in all versions of Mac systems which provide creative support to the application. Media files are organized in an orderly way in iTunes Library where in they can be accessed with the help of simple interface provided in the utility. Apart from that, user can also synchronize files from iPod and iPad onto your iTunes media player present in Mac system. Although iTunes is included with such amazing features, what to do if important videos from iTunes get deleted? There is no need to get tensed! Before finding a way to get back deleted videos from iTunes; learn some scenarios that are accountable for deletion of videos as given below:

  • Interruption while moving video files from Mac system to external storage media using Cut Paste options can delete your video files
  • Formatting the volume where iTunes videos are stored deletes all video files along with other data
  • Virus or malware attacks, use of inappropriate options in iTunes media player or Software / hardware conflicts on Macintosh computer result in deletion of essential iTunes video files
  • Emptying Trash after erasing iTunes video files will permanently erase them from Mac hard drive

Don’t feel sad after losing or deleting important videos from Mac machine, just relax! iTunes video files are not permanently removed; only the links related to video files are erased from file index table. If you take quick actions, then deleted iTunes videos can be recovered using right video recovery tool.

iTunes video recovery software

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is most awaited utility that can be used to restore deleted videos from iTunes in a minimum time. Equipped with advanced recovery techniques, this application scans the partition for deleted videos from iTunes without skipping even a single file. With the use of RAW search option, user can narrow down the search for required video files that needs to be restored. Including iTunes deleted videos, user can also restore deleted videos from iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini and other portable media players. In addition to videos, it can rescue deleted or lost pictures, music files and other documents from memory cards, Mac hard drives, external hard drives, SSD drives, Fire Wire Drives, etc on Mac OS X. If any drawbacks occur while recovering deleted videos from iTunes, you can always mail the issue to technical support staff who will solve your problem as soon possible.

Procedure for recovering deleted videos from iTunes:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool in the system with help of admin account
  • Once installation process of recovery tool gets completed, user can run the program
  • From main screen of software click on ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ or ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ option
  • Upon clicking on desired option, move to next window to select volume from where iTunes videos have been deleted
  • Using next window, mark the type of video files that needs to be recovered
  • Initiate scanning of volume and upon completion, rescued list of files can be viewed in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’
  • View restored list of files and select desired video files that needs to be saved to known location on hard disk

Things to keep in mind

  • It is always suggested that you cross check before deleting iTunes videos from Mac system
  • It is advised to save restored videos on different storage drives other than source location from where they were rescued

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