Recover Deleted Videos from MacBook

Many MacBook users ask the same question, “How to retrieve deleted videos from MacBook”, “I accidentally deleted my important video”, “Can I recover deleted videos from my MacBook” and many other questions. Actually, all intentionally or unintentionally deleted videos are still on your MacBook, however you can get it back only with the help of professional Mac photo recovery software. If you are eager to find out how, then just go through the article.

Videos are one of the most used media file format on computers and videos stored on MacBook computer provide wonderful experience. MacBook users often think like storing important videos on their MacBook laptop are safe and secure; however it is wrong, similar to any other Mac desktop or laptop videos get deleted even from MacBook laptops. But it is also true to the fact that these deleted videos can be restored back by using recovery utility available on the internet. Before heading towards the recovery procedure, let us see some of the most common reason for video deletion from MacBook computers.

Common reasons for video deletion from MacBook:

  • Accidental deletion of video from MacBook laptop and also emptying the Trash is one of the most common reason
  • Formatting the MacBook Volume which had your important video files or to get rid of any problems
  • Opening or playing your video file on incompatible media players sometimes result in video deletion
  • Malware infection on your MacBook laptop results in inaccessibility and eventually video deletion
  • Videos from MacBook are also deleted, if any interruption occurs while transferring videos from your MacBook to any other storage device
  • Other reasons include MacBook operating system crash,  application malfunction, file system conversion and many others

Other than the above mentioned reason, there are many other causes for video deletion on MacBook; however they can be retrieved back with the help of an updated backup. But many users don’t backup their important videos in such circumstances you can retrieve video clips using photo recovery program like Yodot Mac Photo Recovery.

Enhanced features of photo recovery software:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is a wonderful recovery program to recover deleted videos from MacBook. The tool not only helps in recovering videos, but also helps you in getting back other media files such as songs, pictures, documents, podcasts etc. More to this, the tool also has the capability to retrieve RAW images captured using popular digital camera brands such as Kodak, Nikon, Samsung, Sony, Olympus, Lexar and many other. Furthermore runs on all the latest Mac operating systems like Mac Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard and Mac Lion.

How to use the software?

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery and install the software to your MacBook computer
  • Open the software and stick to your main screen procedure
  • The main screen displays two options, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Click on “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to retrieve deleted videos from MacBook
  • The software scans your MacBook machine and displays all logical and external Volumes connected to the system
  • Select the Volume from where deleted videos are to be recovered and click “Next”
  • The tool repeats the scanning process and displays all deleted videos from it
  • Choose the videos which you would like to recover
  • Finally, browse for the destination location to save your recovered videos


  • Regularly backup your important videos from MacBook computer
  • Avoid using your MacBook laptop after video deletion
  • Don’t save the recovered video back to the same Volume from where it was recovered

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