Retrieve Files from Digital Camera Memory Card on OS X

“Hello guys, I own a Canon digital camera and I capture loads of pictures from forest as I am a wildlife photographer. However on my return, I connected the memory card of my digital camera to my Mac machine to transfer all the photos. But, unfortunately memory card turned inaccessible blocking access to all my precious photos saved in it. So, kindly suggest me proper way to recover files from digital camera memory card on Mac without damaging images. Please help.”

Digital camera is the most amazing gadget that captures wonderful moments in the form of digital information so that those moments can be cherished for long time. Captured images on digital camera get saved in memory card mounted on it. However, chance of losing photos from digital camera’s memory card is very high due to various reasons as mentioned in the above example.

Core reasons for losing data from digital camera memory card are:

  • Interruptions like power loss and abrupt removal of memory card from Mac system can sometimes result in missing of those files during transfer of files from digital camera memory card to Mac computer
  • Mishandling memory card such as using it on multiple devices; capturing photos or videos when there is no sufficient free space on card on digicam; saving images when camera is running out of low battery, etc. will corrupt memory card on digital camera making all its files unreachable
  • Accidentally clicking for format option on digital camera or erasing memory card unexpectedly when connected to Mac will result in removal of all files from memory card used on digital camera
  • Malware/virus intrusion to memory card of digital camera can sometimes cause missing of photos and videos its memory card; also severe infection can make memory card inaccessible which cannot be detected by Mac OS

When digital camera’s memory card data goes out of hand, then users get upset thinking how to recover files from memory card on Mac that are lost or erased or unreachable in various data loss disasters. Fortunately, today’s improved technology has made everything possible; hence recovery of lost data from digital camera memory card on Mac computer is possible with the help of most effective and proficient software.

Ultimate tool to recover digital camera memory card data on Mac:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is the best utility to bring back files like pictures, videos, music other document files from digital camera memory cards on Mac. This program is developed by proficient data recovery experts such that media file types including photos, RAW images, videos and music files in JPEG, MPEG, AVI, MOV, AMR, TIFF, GIF, IMG, PIC, DIVX, MP3, MP4 and many other file formats with extreme ease. It can effortlessly recover files from digital camera, flash memory cards like SD, SDHC, CF, micro SD, MMC, SDXC, xD, etc. used on multiple digital gadgets. Addition to this, one can even rescue media files from Mac hard drives, external hard disks, USB flash drives, FireWire drives, iPods, SSDs and other OS X compatible devices. This amazing media file recovery software can be utilized on MacBook Pro/Air, Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro machines working with Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks OS X versions to recover lost or erased media files.

Simple steps to rescue data from digital camera memory card on OS X:

  • Download the software on a Mac machine and connect the digital camera’s memory card to this computer
  • Install the tool and run it to commence data recovery from digital camera memory card
  • In main screen choose ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ or ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ option according to data loss scenario
  • Next, from the list of drives given on screen choose the drive that associates to memory card externally connected on system
  • After selecting drive to be scanned, select the file types to be recovered from the digital camera memory card or just click ‘Mark All’
  • Software quickly scans that memory card to restore all possible media files from it
  • After few seconds, retrievable files will get displayed in Data View / File Type view
  • Choose required files, preview them and then save them to desired destination location on Mac computer drive; however not to the same digital camera memory card

Safety Measures:

  • Avoid formatting memory card of digital camera when it’s not necessary
  • Have a clean copy of files from memory card of digital camera on external storage device or on Mac computer hard drive
  • Minimize the habit of mishandling memory card on digital camera / Mac system

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