How Can I Retrieve Downloaded Music Doesn't Show Up On iTunes?

It is indeed an awful situation when your downloaded files doesn’t show up with iTunes. At some are instances, users get to lose their albums and collections due to a number of issues. When such incidents occur, your Mac finder won’t be able to locate the files that are not found in the iTunes location. One just can’t sit quiet upon losing all purchased music from store. Get on, it’s action time-

Re-download all your purchased music

One simplest thing that you can do is re-download the files that is not visible in iTunes. It is quite easy to regain files from your past purchases. All songs and collections download from iTunes store can be re-downloaded in Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad and other iOS devices. Here it is briefed about how you can re-download music files you have purchased from store-

Before getting through re-download, make sure that you have the latest iTunes version and update your iOS device. Also sign-in with your Apple id that you used in your previous purchases (from which files were downloaded earlier). Then on-

1. Open iTunes application

2. Ensure you have logged in with your Apple id

3. Choose Account ->Purchased on the top section of the display window

4. Click over “Not in My Library” option (to view purchased items)

5. Pick the items you want to download and click on download icon available over top-right corner

6. Find the music and files in your iTunes library

Updating iTunes Match

Sometimes, it so happens that along with downloaded items, any newly added songs are not showed up in the iTunes music library folder. And again, it is the same thing that that Finder fails search for music files in iTunes library. Now all what you can do is, go to Store -> Update iTunes Match. Upon this, iTunes may come up saying that some files are synched.

Restore from backups

If you have a backup of your iTunes music library files then you can easily restore them with the following steps-

Maintaining data backups can hence save you at critical times. But not every user be that fortunate to take a timely backup. In addition, re-purchasing large number of songs and tracks can be expensive. However, easy media data recovery doesn’t cost you much. However, there is an alternate solution available to recover iTunes music when they disappear or get to delete.

At first, you must better know some reasons for troubles encountered in iTunes that leads to data loss-

In all such instances of missing or erased music tracks, rely on Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application and trace required files in an easy way. This technique can be implemented to restore any size of images, videos, audio tracks etc. from various devices. Missing or deleted tracks from iPods, Mac hard disk, USB drives, flash devices, memory cards and other removable drives can take a complete advantage of this tool. One can perform RAW search and look up for only certain kind of files that is lost from storage. All you need to do is install Yodot software on your Macintosh system and start with data restoration process. In addition, the tool support all series of Mac OS X including the Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Maverick, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard.

Retrieving music files not shown up on iTunes

Additional points

  • Maintain file backups in multiple devices
  • Be careful while you go with restore option

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