Recovering Missing Files in iTunes 10

“I have upgraded my iTunes media player to iTunes 10 version and then there was a total turn out in my system. After downloading the iTunes 10 player, I needed to move some of my media files to external hard drive and guess what! During the transfer process my system went black due to sudden power surge. Now, I am unable to find all my media files that were synchronized with iTunes 10. Can anyone please help me how to find missing files in iTunes 10 utility? Eagerly waiting for your reply!”

iTunes 10 looks, feels and sounds better than ever! With sleek design, all the required stuff is just a click away. Organize the media files and chill out with relevant music files without any trouble. It is included with “Genius” option, which lets you to find best music files that happen to go together perfectly. Using iTunes application you can save all data from iTunes on iCloud, accessed with a respective account. iTunes 10 utility goes well with iPods, iPads, Apple TV and of course the Mac machines (MacBook and Mac system). When everything doesn’t go well, you may encounter loss of files from iTunes 10 application. Below are some of the scenarios (highlighted) that may lead to loss of files on iTunes 10 utility:

  • Synchronization process can go wrong if there is sudden system shutdown resulting in loss of files from iTunes 10 media player
  • File system corruption of particular volume can result in inaccessibility of files om iTunes 10
  • Virus / malware attack on the system can result in missing of files from iTunes 10 media library
  • Application error may occur due to software conflicts in your Mac system that may lead to loss of files from iTunes 10 player

However, if there is backup of files from iTunes Library in above scenarios, then user will not lose any data. Unfortunately, few users may forget to back files before upgrading iTunes to latest version and hence they lose data on Mac computers. Apart from above situations, music files from iTunes library can be lost due to accidental deletion, malfunctioning of iTunes, formatting Mac hard drive / volume, where iTunes is saved and due to other logical errors.

Missing file recovery from iTunes 10

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is considered as the most eminent application to restore missing files from iTunes 10 media player in a minimum amount of time. This utility is suitable for recovering music, audio and video from iTunes 10 on Mac system with the help of advanced scanning techniques. Restoring iTunes playlist, getting back deleted songs from iTunes, effectively recovering iTunes media library, songs rescue after iTunes sync error and lot operations can be performed with aid of the software on your iTunes 10 media player to retrieve missing files. Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool can be easily installed on different versions of Mac operating systems like Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite, EI Capitan and Sierra.

Along with recovering iTunes files, if you are seeking an efficient procedure to restore missing photos from your SD card, pen drive and other storage devices then Yodot is the perfect choice, as it is the finest solution for all data recovery instances.

Follow the simple procedure to find missing files in iTunes 10

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool on the system using system administrator account
  • Once the application is installed, follow onscreen instructions and hit on "Lost Photo Recovery" option
  • From the next screen, select the drive from where files are missing and then proceed to next window
  • Mark all missing file types, start the recovery procedure
  • Upon completion of recovery procedure, rescued list of files are presented in "Data View" or "File Type View"
  • Select the best view type and save the files to known destination location

Helpful Tips:

  • Secure your valuable media files with regularly updated backup stored in external hard drive
  • Maintain good source of power backup to avoid sudden system shutdown
  • It is suggested that you get to know the applications before installing them from iTunes store

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