How to Extract Movie Files on Mac?

“Hello guys, I had saved various movies and video clippings on my Mac machine. Recently, after updating a video-editing tool on the system I noticed that, few of my favorite movie files are missing from the storage location. I even searched in Time Machine, but couldn’t find those missing movie files. Can anyone please suggest me on how to find movie files on Mac machine? Thanks in advance.”

Mac machines, running with Mac operating systems are the best used and popular computers across the globe. Its user friendly GUI and amazing features offers its users to execute tasks in very simple way. User can hoard files like MS Office files (Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel files, etc); pictures, videos, songs, applications and other user-data on system hard drive. Mac systems offers high definition display monitor with which videos become much livelier to watch. Hence, users hoard varieties of video clips and movies on Mac. But, while accessing movie files on Mac system, users may encounter uneven situations that result in loss or deletion of these videos.

Similar to above scenario, given below are few common instances that result to loss of movie files on Mac:

  • Wrong deletion of valuable movie files instead of unwanted copy from Trash bin or empting Trash without glancing at its contents
  • Inappropriate way of updating applications on Mac systems can cause changes in registry that sometimes result to missing of certain movie files
  • Unorthodox way of terminating system or multimedia player application while any movie clip is being played can also cause missing of that movie file
  • Formatting the volume that contains all important movie files without backing up files will erase all these files within no time
  • Errors while repartitioning the system drive or while upgrading the OS version from current one to newer version can corrupt the catalog file, journal file, boot sector, etc that leads to unavailability of movies and other files from hard drive
  • Use of unreliable tools on Mac computer, malware intrusion, antivirus scan, etc. can also result to deletion or loss of movie files from the computer

User finds it very hard when movie files are lost from Mac computer with absence of backup. But, there is no need to worry further as recovery of movie files on Mac OS X is possible. However, it is suggested that, user should not add any new information on the Mac system after encountering file loss or deletion. This is because, saving of new data may overwrite the lost data that still resides in the same memory location (invisible to the OS) and causes permanent removal of lost files.

How to recover movie files on Mac OS X?

Data Recovery experts recommend using Yodot Mac Photo Recovery, one of the best and efficient media file retrieval tool to get back movies on Mac machines. This tool can extract files like videos, pictures, songs, RAW images and other useful files from Mac computer within couple of minutes. The software can recognize and recover MOV, AVI, MPG, MP4, DIVX, MPEG, M4V, XVID, 3GP along with popular video file formats from Mac hard drives or other storage drives formatted with HFS, HFS+, HFSX and FAT file systems. This eminent tool can extraordinarily bring back media files from other storage components like external hard disks, portable USB flash drives, memory cards, iPods, Memory Sticks, etc. with utmost ease. The software also supports recovery of media files from iPods, digital cameras, mobile phones and other gadgets. One can utilize this program on Mac computers like Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac running with Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion OS X versions.

Procedural steps to retrieve movies from Mac system:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software on your Mac machine
  • Install and run the utility by following given instructions
  • In main screen, click either on ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ or ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ to accomplish recovery of movie files
  • In the upcoming screen, select the Mac volume from which you need to retrieve movie files
  • Then, select the movie file types that to be restored or simply click Mark All button
  • By clicking next, the software performs a rapid scan of selected volume
  • Further, all files from that volume will be displayed under two view types
  • Glance at the list of files using Data View or File Type view options and select required movie files to recover
  • Specify a new destination location on system drive or on any external storage component to save rescued files

Precautionary Measures:

  • Avoid wrong deletion of important movie files from Trash bin
  • Backup multiple copies of necessary movie files on external storage devices
  • Keep the system free from dreadful viruses by utilizing dexterous antivirus program

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