How to Access Files from Flash Card on Mac?

“Hi all, I use Mavericks on my Mac machine. I am trying to read CF card (formatted with FAT32) data. I am unable to copy or open files present on the card, however I can store files onto it. I tried various troubleshooting but none worked. So I am desperately looking for your suggestions. Please help me.”

What might be the problem here?

Many computer users take File System for granted while formatting portable devices. But File System plays vital role on external storage devices. You need to know what File System supports which OS, before you format it.

In above scenario, user is trying to copy files from FAT32 formatted flash card on Mac machine. Even though FAT32 file system works almost everywhere it doesn’t support files bigger than 4GB.

What can be done?

Ensure your files are of size less than 4GB. You may not be able to access files on Mac if they exceed 4GB. In case, your files are not crossing the limited size and still you cannot open or copy them, then there might be an issue or confliction between OS X and FAT32 File System; so the card needs to be formatted for further use. Also there might be a chance that the files are of more than 4GB. So first thing you can do is plug-in the card into any working Windows computer and copy files onto safe location of Window system. Later you can format CF card with exFAT or any other suitable file system.

What to do if data is inaccessible?

If you fail to access card data even on Windows system then you can choose a secure way to safeguard your files. Here is an efficient procedure to help you.

  • Get a hold on Yodot Mac Photo Recovery program
  • Reconnect your CF card to Macintosh
  • Pick out “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Choose CF card that is put on display
  • Go for “Skip” option
  • You can see entire card data in “File Type View” and “Data View”
  • Select your required files and “Save” them on hard drive

Now proceed to format the card with apt file system.

How to format the flash card on Mac?

  • Go to Applications
  • Select Utilities
  • Locate your card on left side under NO NAME/UNTITLED
  • Click on the card
  • Choose Erase option
  • Click on Format and opt ExFAT
  • Finally hit Erase button on appeared pop-up

Card recovery for Mac:

Don’t be panic when your data become inaccessible or you can’t copy/open files present on flash card due to any reasons. Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is at your help in order to regain access to files and folders on CF card. Not only Compact Flash card, but the tool is also compatible to recover data from SD card, TF card, SDHC, XD, Micro SD, Mini SD and even more sorts of media cards. With the assistance of this potent tool you can easily restore files after various errors, deadly virus intrusion, card’s file system corruption or any other unknown causes. Along with user-friendly interface the application provides outstanding technical guidance, so no user will face any sort of difficulty during data recovery. Apart from media card data restoration, this robust program allows you to retrieve accidentally deleted pictures on iPod, iPhoto, Mac volume, external hard disk, USB, Firewire drive etc.

Helpful points:

  • Always leave an extra shots on card
  • Don’t use same card on multiple devices

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