Recovering Data from Contour+ 2 Cameras

Contour+2 action packed camera has everything within in it which was lacking in previous model. The Contour+2 is the best available camera that has been manufactured by Contour giant. This Contour+2 camera can record specially four modes like tall, full, action HD and slow motion pictures including the burst photo mode. Capturing of pictures in motion can be done neatly without any view of faulty images. Your happiness just get more expanded as Contour+2 camera has been made water proof model up-to 60 meters and the shell of Contour+2 is also weather resistant.

With these amazing features, one more thing that is quite amazing is the presence of memory card slot. Apart from internal memory, data can be stored on card / memory stick if the internal storage capacity gets less to record your HD videos. However at certain times, accidents do happen and you may unknowingly end up in deleting valuable photos or other media contents from Contour camera. Some of the reasons that lead to loss of media files from Contour+ 2 cameras are:

  • Formatting camera: There are chances that user may accidentally format Contour+2 camera while trying to get familiar with the gadget or while previewing photos/videos
  • Abrupt during ile transfer process: While transferring media files from Contour+2 camera to Mac drive, there are chances of interruptions taking place as a result of power failure, software conflicts and so on which may lead to loss of valuable data from the device
  • Virus infection: Your Contour+2 camera can sometimes get infected with virus if the device is connected to many systems for file transfer process. Once virus / malware gains entry into the device all the files present in it becomes inaccessible

From the above mentioned scenarios we get to know that there are many reasons that lead to loss of data from Contour+2 cameras. To be on safer side, its best that you maintain backup of data from your Contour+2 camera in a separate external hard drive. But, most of the times, users does not maintain backup of important information and regrets when file loss occurs. No need to worry! The best solution to restore lost / deleted data from Contour+2 camera is just a click away.

Contour+2 camera file recovery tool:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software can be used to restore data that is deleted or lost from Contour+ 2 cameras. Just install the photo recovery tool in the system, connect you camera and then follow the simple instructions provided with the help of simple graphical user interface. Apart from Contour+ 2 cameras, this recovery program can also restore data from different brands of cameras like Sony, Samsung, Nikon, Panasonic, Canon, Kodak, Lexar etc. With the help of this tool, you can also retrieve photos, videos, music files and other documents from memory cards, iPods, system hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, memory sticks, and other storage media on Mac OS Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion operating systems.

Guidelines to restore videos from Contour+2 camera on Mac OS:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery program and install in Mac machine
  • Connect Contour+2 camera to Mac system via USB cable provided
  • Launch the application with the help of shortcut icon provided on desktop screen
  • “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” are the options that are present on the main screen of tool
  • Click on either of the options depending on the reason for losing data from Contour+2 camera
  • After selecting particular option, the set of drives from the system will be listed
  • Select the desired volume and then proceed to next screen
  • Here select the type of files that has to be restored
  • Now, click on Next button that will start the recovery process
  • As soon as restoring process gets completed, you can view the restored data in Data View or File Type View as applicable
  • At last save the retrieved files to known destination location as available to host operating system user

Safety Tips:

  • Read the manual carefully before using Contour+2 camera
  • Avoid saving the retrieved data to same location from where it was restored
  • Maintain good battery backup in your Contour+2 camera