Digital Mutimedia Device Recovery on Mac

A multimedia device is a device which allows a user to store several forms of media files such as songs, videos, documents and images. While eliminating the need to have a separate device for each media file. You can accomplish a numerous task on these devices such as creating and editing files. These devices are often compatible with computers and laptops in order to synchronize and transfer data. The most commonly used multimedia devices are tablet, MP3 player, MP6 players, cell phones and iPod. Some of the key features of this devices include great storage capacity that can extends up to 160 GB, long battery life, an interactive display and etc.

Though digital multimedia players are one of the innovatory devices that have been developed, it is certainly not free of errors and issues. There are several occasions where you might end up losing files from them. However with the help of a powerful recovery software the data can be recovered.

How can I get back my lost files from Digital Multimedia Devices?

You will be wondering now, how is it possible to retrieve data that I have already deleted? It is certainly possible because your digital multimedia player’s storage device (usually a memory Card) is similar to that of a computer’s hard disk. I.e. whenever you erase a file from hard disk, they are not permanently erased instead they remove the file pointers of that corresponding file and makes that space as available. Therefore until that space is not overwritten by any new file. You can recover them.

Reasons for data loss from Multimedia Devices

  • Human Errors: Human errors such as accidentally deleting a music, photos or videos file is one of the main reason of data loss from your multimedia device
  • Format: The Mac machine displaying an error message like "Disk needs to be formatted" as soon as the multimedia device is connected to your Macintosh which forces you to format the device resulting in data loss
  • Malware Attack: Virus / malware attack on the Multimedia device results in file system corruption which leads to data loss
  • Wrong Usage: A complete data loss can occur if you eject the multimedia device improperly
  • Transfer Error: Multimedia players files may get deleted / lost if there is a sudden power surge while transferring data from your device to Mac or vice versa

Is recovery of data from Multimedia devices possible?

Yes it is definitely possible! Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software allows you to recover your deleted / lost data from all kinds of digital multimedia devices such as mp3 player, portable media players, iPods, cell phones and many more media storage devices. This tool is capable of restoring all your lost photos, mp3 songs, video clips, documents and other precious data. So if you have accidentally deleted / lost some of your important media files, then no need to worry! This tool helps you in recovering them back.

Working of the Software

  • First download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software to your Macintosh
  • Attach the multimedia device to your Pc via USB or card reader
  • Run the application and stick to the on screen procedure
  • You’ll find two options “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” in the main screen
  • Select the option based on your data loss scenario like for formatted-choose lost photo recovery option and for deletion-choose deleted photo recovery
  • The Application scans and displays all the logical and external Volumes present in the system, Select the Volume which represents your device
  • Select the exact file type you want to recover or click on “Skip” button to select all the file types by default
  • The Software scans the entire selected Volume and displays all the recoverable files in Mac finder styled interface
  • Choose the files that you want to recover
  • Preview the photo files before rescuing them
  • Browse for the destination location to save your recovered files

NOTE: It is recommended not to save the rescued files on to your multimedia device because the chances of overwriting the original data is very high.

Things to Remember

  • Do regular backup of your Media player files such as pictures, songs and videos either to your Macintosh or to any external storage drive
  • It is suggested to not add any new files or folders to the media device after data loss because it might overwrite the original data resulting in permanent data loss
  • Before performing any formatting double check the drive
  • Preview the photo files before rescuing them
  • Prior to any deletion, make sure about your action and selection
  • Don’t eject your Multimedia device during file transfer

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