Get Photos from Fujifilm Finepix Camera

In this technological era digitization carries more shades to photography through digital cameras. As per user requirements, many companies are designing digital camera with attractive and advanced features. Fujifilm is the one of the famous manufacture for developing various models of digital cameras. It’s more basic and most popular model is Fujifilm Finepix. It has eye catching features like small size, large storage capacity, 3x optical zoom and 10 megapixels sensor provides crystal clarity images. But, there is no guarantee for photos saved on Fujifilm Finepix digicam, due any unpredictable reasons you may lose photos of your most cheerful moments.

Pictures are influencing a lot in your life, because they might be memories of your college days, birthday celebrations, tour with friends, wedding anniversaries and many more unforgettable events. Therefore, lose or deletion of image files becomes awful situation you have ever faced. In case, you do not have backup of missing photos of Fujifilm Finepix camera, then that will be the pathetic condition. In such situations instead of worrying about lost photos, you need to know about reasons behind loss or deletion of photos from Fujifilm Finepix camera. Following are the some scenarios:

  • Inappropriate usage: Incorrectly ejecting memory card from Fujifilm Finepix camera, when some of the pictures are in active mode might results in loss of photos
  • Unintentional deletion: By mistake if you select “Delete All” option on Fujifilm Finepix camera while eliminating some of the undesirable or blurred pictures, then it leads to deletion of all of image files from its memory card
  • Accidental formatting: In case, if you opt “Format” option while performing some other task on Fujifilm Finepix digital camera, then it causes loss of photos store in it
  • File System corruption: File system of camera card get corrupted due to virus attack or improper file transformation process. Consequently, the camera memory card becomes inaccessible, resulting in loss of your treasured pictures
  • Formatting error: Sometimes you can observe formatting error like “Drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” If you choose Yes option, then all pictures saved on that memory card go missing, if not the drive does not allow you to access its contents

The above mentioned scenarios can be overcome with the support of fine photo recovery tool named Yodot Mac Photo Recovery.

Glance at photo recovery application

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software is best option to regain image files from Fujifilm Finepix camera. This tool is designed with advanced techniques and algorithms to scan entire storage media to find and extract all erased RAF RAW photo files plus audio /video files from memory card of Fujifilm camera. This software supports restoration of missing RAW images from wide range of digital camera brands such as Sigma, Canon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Nikon, Samsung, Kodak, Panasonic and many more on Mac OS X.

Simple steps to recover photos from Fujifilm Finepix Camera:

  • Connect your Fujifilm Finepix camera to Macintosh computer
  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software and install it that your system by logging in as a Local System Administrator
  • After that run the application by clicking on shortcut icon existing on your Mac desktop
  • The main screen will be appear with two options “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Now based on the data loss scenario select the correct option. This switches you to next window containing all the logical drives and external storage devices that are associated with your system
  • Choose the drive that denotes your Fujifilm Finepix Camera and click on “Next” button
  • Then the application scans your selected drive and retrieves all the photos
  • The extracted photo files are listed in Mac finder Style Interface
  • Select your desired image files and preview those files using “Preview” option
  • At last save them to any accessible location on your Mac system

Instructions to be followed:

  • Avoid usage of Fujifilm Finepix digicam after finding data loss
  • It is always recommended to detach media card in safe mode using “Eject” button
  • Always try to keep camera battery level high before capturing the images