Recover Data from iPod

The iPod files are hidden on your iPod in an invisible folder. Even though, like any other media player or storage device, iPod also faces data loss problems. This can be due to either human mistakes or corruption.

And, losing your iPod files can be frustrated. However, it is possible to restore files from an iPod using an iPod data recovery software.

Common iPod Data Loss Situations:

Accidental Deletion – Most of the times data loss happens due to human mistakes and iPods are not exempted from this. Accidentally deleting music files, photos or videos from your iPod or deleting the entire music collection by selecting Delete All button from the menu on the iPod.

Formatting – There can be two situations where you format your iPod. One is the accidental one, either in the iPod itself or when connected to the Mac machine (as a storage drive).

Another situation occurs when you switch from Mac machine and connect it to a Windows system. Because once you connect your iPod to Mac, it is formatted to HFS+ file system and as soon as you connect it to Windows, it gets formatted to the FAT32 file system. Even though you can again convert it to HFS+, but all the photos, videos and music files present in it gets formatted/erased.

Virus Attack – Virus infection is another main reason for data loss in iPod, as this may delete files from both iPod and iTunes. In extreme cases, it may also corrupt iTunes.

Restore – When you restore your iPod, it gets reset to its factory settings. This erases all your media files that are stored in the iPod. There can be many situations where you need to restore your iPod for bringing it back to normal functioning, some of them are mentioned below.

  • Sometimes while updating iPod in iTunes, you may have seen a message like "An unknown error has occurred: 1415"
  • After many trials of unlocking the iPod, the iPod will be disabled
  • Sometimes, when a song is playing and stops in the middle of it. The iPod screen only displays a "Red X" icon
  • When an iPod freezes unexpectedly and fails to retrieve

Sync Error – As you know that, media files that are present in the iPod are managed by iTunes. But there are few situations where data is lost from iPod while synchronizing with iTunes, as explained below.

  • iTunes has an automatic sync feature. When you connect iPod to the Mac machine, iTunes automatically updates the iPod with its files. Therefore, all those files will appear on it and other new files will be erased
  • You may get a Sync error while trying to synchronize your iPod with iTunes, this can be due to various factors like hardware changes, software conflicts, new user account or corrupt files. This may cause deletion of photos, videos, audio from both the entities

Improper Ejection – Complete data loss can happen, if you disconnect the iPod improperly i.e. without using the Safely Remove Peripherals option when connected to iTunes.

Best iPod Data Recovery Software:

The easiest way to recover your iPod music, images, videos etc. that are either deleted or lost due to above mentioned or alike scenarios, then it is highly suggested to use Mac Picture Recovery utility.

Don’t get confused by its name, as it’s the most potential iPod data recovery tool that can recover not just pictures but also songs and video/movie clips. It supports all the latest versions of Mac OS X including macos Sierra and can perform recovery from iPod Classic, Mini, Shuffle and Nano (not iPod Touch).

How to Recover iPod Data?

Step 1: Connect the iPod to your Mac machine with the help of its USB cable. Run Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool on your Apple computer and click on Deleted Photo Recovery (if you want to recover deleted files from iPod) or Lost Photo Recovery (if you need to restore lost files from iPod).

Main Screen

Step 2: Select the iPod drive from the shown list and click Next button.

Select Volume

Step 3: Select file types if you wish to recover specific files from iPod. Skip this step if you want to recover entire files from iPod.

Select File Type

Step 4: The software starts scanning the iPod drive. In the end, it displays all the found files in a Mac finder styled interface.

View Recovered Files from iPod

Step 5: Preview recovered files from iPod for the confirmation and proceed to Save them to your desired location (but, not on the same iPod drive).

Save Files


  • Back your iPod pictures, songs, and video clips either in iTunes or in an external storage drive
  • Avoid swapping your iPod between Mac and Windows operating system
  • If any kind of error occurs, then try restarting the iPod rather restoring it directly

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