How to Recover Videos from Insignia Camcorder?

“Hi, I’ve just deleted footage of my cousin’s newborn son from my Insignia camcorder. I regret for my mistake now. I’m eagerly asking for help to regain deleted video from Insignia camcorder. Can someone help me please? Thanks in advance!!!”

Hey don’t worry! The deleted videos from Insignia camcorder are not permanently erased until it is overwritten with new data. If you are really in need of that deleted video file, then immediately stop using camcorder and look for any Insignia camcorder video recovery program in internet for assistance.

Causes for loss of videos from Insignia camcorder are given below:

  • While moving videos from Insignia camcorder to other device it might get lost due to some transfer errors
  • You may unintentionally format Insignia camcorder storage media
  • Damage of Insignia camcorder memory file system can make you lose your precious videos
  • Virus attack is an another reason for loss of files on Insignia camcorder including videos
  • Videos on Insignia camcorder might get lost due to read and write process error

The Insignia is an excellent camcorder for commemorating important events and capturing precious moments that occurs spontaneously. Its compact size, HD range resolution and capability to capture high quality pictures make insignia an all-round useful accessory to get on hand in several purse or backpack. All together it’s good and well suited for all occasions, but the thing is that, it can’t overcome across data loss problems as mentioned above. You can defeat these issues, if you have backup of deleted videos. If you don’t have proper backup, then the only way is to use Insignia camcorder video recovery program.

Insignia camcorder video recovery utility:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software helps you to retrieve captured videos and photos from Insignia camcorder on Macintosh system. It can even recover videos and other media files from various camcorder brands such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Canon, Kodak, Lexar etc. This software supports easy recovery of media files i.e. photos, RAW images, videos and audio files from iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro hard drives. This software doesn’t write anything to the source location where video files are initially stored; rather it extracts the contents of the video files and creates a new copy of video files. In addition to Insignia camcorder, the software can even rescue data from memory cards, iPods, external hard drives, USB drives and other storage devices on Mac OS Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion operating systems.

Procedure for retrieving video files from Insignia camcorder:

  • Connect your Insignia camcorder to the Mac machine through USB port
  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application on your Mac OS X computer
  • Run the software to start recovery process and follow instructions present on screen
  • In main screen you will find two options i.e., “Delete Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select “Delete Photo Recovery” option to recover erased videos from Insignia camcorder
  • Otherwise, select “Lost Photo Recovery” option to get back missing videos from Insignia camcorder
  • Software scans the entire computer and displays all volumes present on Mac machine including your Insignia camcorder
  • Choose the particular camcorder volume from where you want to retrieve deleted videos and click on “Next” option
  • Recovery program scans selected volume and displays all recovered videos from your Insignia camcorder in two different views i.e., “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Preview your video files by using “Preview” option and save them to the desired location on system

Things to Remember:

  • Better you have a separate copy of your precious videos in some other reliable storage device
  • Don’t capture any photos or videos when you camcorder is running out of battery
  • Before you connect the camcorder to computer make sure that is free from virus or some other suspicious program