How to Get Back Files from iPod Classic?

“My iPod classic recently froze while synchronizing through iTunes; I waited for few minutes but the device didn’t respond, so I had no choice but to turn off the system. I disconnected my iPod from the system and checked whether the synchronization was successful, but to my shock all music files from iPod Classic were missing. Does anyone know how to recover data from iPod Classic device”.

Above example is one scenario, where users often end up losing files from iPod Classic after syncing files. iPod Classic is a very easy to use media player device which plays music and other files at anytime. And if you are one such music lover who have spent time in collecting videos and song files, then you would know the pain of losing them. But you are in luck because there is a way to recover data from your iPod device.

Let us consider the most common causes for loss of iPod Classic files:

The most common reason for losing files from iPod Classic is accidental deletion and others include iPod freezing, iPod device corruption due to virus infection, using same iPod on different computer OS, restoring iPod Classic to factory settings without backing up data, sudden power failure while transferring files from iPod to Macintosh, improper removal of iPod during synchronization, Formatting the iPod Volume etc.

How can you get back files from iPod Classic?

Recovery of files from iPod Classic is possible because when you delete some files from your iPod Classic, the files are not erased immediately. The space occupied by those files will be marked as free and is made available for reuse. If you save any new music or video file on your iPod Classic, the files will overwrite deleted files and chances of recovering iPod data reduces. So if you have lost data from your iPod Classic device, then it is better to stop using the device until the recovery process.

Which iPod Recovery software to use?

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is professional iPod data recovery software which helps users to recover data from their iPod Classic in a very safe and secure way. The software is designed in such a way that, even a novice computer user can recover his iPod Classic data with ease. The utility easily recovers deleted and lost songs, video clips, image files, documents and many other file types from iPod Classic. Additional to this, you can take the help of this tool to get back data from iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and iPod Mini without facing any troubles. Apart from iPods, you can take assistance of Yodot for recovering lost Word files, Photoshop documents, images, RAW pictures and more from any storage space.

Procedure to retrieve files from iPod Classic using the software


  • Regularly backup your iPod Classic files to any external devices
  • Avoid using same iPod Classic on different operating system
  • Don’t remove iPod Classic during copy or transfer process
  • Use a good antivirus software to remove malwares causing corruption

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