How to Retrieve Files from iPod Nano on Mac?

iPod Nano is one of famous digital media player, introduced by Apple after the release of iPod Mini. Users can listen to thousands of songs, watch their favorite video clips and pictures, read notes, record audio etc using their favorite iPod Nano media player. Its small size, fashionable design, high storage capacity and portability makes iPod Nano as one of beloved media player by lots of people across the world. Though it has many exciting features compare to other media devices, there is one common problem using iPod Nano like any other digital device i.e. iPod data loss.

So what could lead to loss of data from iPod Nano?

  • Human Errors: You may accidentally delete or remove some of your media files from iPod Nano while doing some other task by mistake
  • Corruption: Dangerous viruses like spyware, Trojan, worm etc can infect iPod Nano device when connected to computer, which can lead to loss of files
  • iTunes Error: If you are using an older version of iTunes application, which is not compatible with your iPod Nano then you receive many error message and my result in data loss
  • Mishandling iPod Nano device: Removing your iPod Nano while synching files or using it on different operating system leads to severe data loss or makes files on iPod Nano inaccessible
  • Restoring to Factory Settings: Restoring your iPod Nano to its factory settings to overcome problems like iPod freeze, corruption, formatting errors, etc can cause complete loss of files from iPod Nano

iPod Nano data recovery software?

Even though you lose files due to above mentioned causes, they are not permanently erased from iPod Nano’s memory and it is possible to get them back using iPod recovery software. If you don’t know which tool to use, then Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool is correct choice to bring back all deleted as well as lost files from your Nano device. The user friendly graphical interface facilitates easiest and fastest recovery of files from iPod Nano without facing any difficulties. The software recovers music, pictures, videos, documents, podcasts and many other files from your iPod Nano. It also supports recovery of files from other iPod models, memory cards, hard disk Volumes, music players, pen drives, etc on Mac operating system.

Steps to recover data from iPod Nano

  • Connect your iPod Nano to your Macintosh system via USB cable
  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software and install the software to Mac machine
  • Run the installed application and stick to the main screen
  • “Deleted Photo Recovery” will help you in recovering your deleted iPod Nano files and “Lost Photo Recovery” helps you in retrieving your lost iPod Nano files
  • The tool scans your Mac system and displays all the internal and external volumes connected to the system, select the volume which represents your iPod Nano and click “Next”
  • The application scans your iPod Nano device and displays all the files and folders which can be recovered from it
  • Choose the files which you want to obtain back and preview them before saving
  • Finally, save the recovered files to your desired storage location accessible to Mac system, but not to the same iPod Nano from you lost data


  • Avoid storing files to your iPod Nano memory space is full
  • Always backup your important files before performing “Restore” operation
  • Never eject your iPod Nano USB cable while copying or transfer process
  • Update your iTunes software to latest version in order to utilize advanced features
  • Remove deadly viruses / malwares by making use of a powerful antivirus program

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