Retrieve Photos from Samsung WB850F Camera

“I use Samsung WB850F digital camera to capture all occasional moments. I had stored about 500 pictures on this digital camera. But, recently when I connected this camera on my Mac system, a message popped up stating that the memory card on the camera is not formatted. I can’t access any of the pictures present on the camera whether I click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Can anyone please tell me how to recover photos from Samsung WB850F camera? Thanks in advance.”

Samsung WB850F is one of the known camera models among various Samsung digital cameras. WB850F camera has capability to capture pictures of very good quality and to share it through excellent built-in Wi-Fi functionality. This megazoom camera supports image stabilization technology, Smart Auto scene recognition, aperture priority, smart filter effects and so on. The pictures on this camera can be easily shared to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. or it can also be emailed straight from the camera just by logging in to Wi-Fi network. However, photos can be lost from WB850F camera in various scenarios as mentioned below:

  • Improper usage of Samsung camera can sometimes lead to deletion or loss of pictures from it
  • Trying to capture pictures when there isn’t sufficient memory space on the camera will lead to corruption of storage media and hence inaccessibility of all pictures
  • Virus infection to the storage memory of Samsung WB850F camera or connecting the camera to virus infected system may even lead to loss of images
  • Improper transfer of photos from Samsung WB850F digital camera to other storage devices may also result in missing of those picture files

However, one can find lost and erased pictures if there is complete backup of all pictures from Samsung WB850F camera. But, what if there is no backup of lost images? Then only solution is to make use of third party picture recovery tool.

Software to restore images from Samsung WB850F camera:

Many professional experts recommend Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software to rescue pictures from Samsung WB850F camera on Mac OS X. It supports recovery of various photo file types like JPEG, JPG, CR2, IMG, TIFF, GIF, NEF, SRF, etc. from various DSLR / SLR camera models with utmost ease. The software has amazing scanning technique that scans for lost and erased photos from different storage media on Macintosh OS X system. In addition, the tool is capable of restoring RAW pictures and videos from cameras manufactured by Sony, Canon, Samsung, Olympus, Fujifilm, Nikon, Kodak, Panasonic, etc. Moreover, it can also retrieve video files, music files and other media files from all other storage media on Mac OS X.

Procedure to get back pictures from Samsung WB850F camera:

  • Connect your Samsung WB850F (along with its external storage media) to a healthy Macintosh system
  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software on that system and install it
  • Once the tool is made to run you will see two options
  • Select “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo recovery” option according to the photo loss situation
  • Next select the volume which represents storage media of camera and proceed
  • The software starts to scan the selected volume for lost or erased images
  • All the recoverable image files will be made a list under Data View / File Type View options
  • Select required pictures to be restored according to your choice and preview them
  • Specify desired location to save that recovered photo files and click “Save” button

Useful Tips:

  • Do not save retrieved pictures to same Samsung camera’s memory card from which they were recovered
  • Follow proper directions for safe usage of camera while capturing photos
  • Avoid mistakes like accidental deletion, formatting memory card, etc. when camera is connected to OS X system
  • Before you capture photos / perform transfer process check whether camera has sufficient battery