Retrieve Photos from Sony Memory Card

Sony Memory Cards are developed and designed by Sony Corporation with utmost care, so that the data saved in the storage media can be accessed effectively without any difficulties. There are different types of memory cards which are manufactured by Sony Corporation to store the digital information in their wide range of camera, camcorders, cell phones and others. Some of them can be listed as Micro SD, SD/SDHC memory card class 4, Memory Stick Pro Duo and Memory Stick Pro –HG Duo.

This ultra minute storage media offers you a wealth of leisure potential as the majority of content that is present in Sony memory cards are media files like music, videos, photos and it also supports storage of other file formats of files like documents, exe files and so on. Due to some scenarios there are possibilities of accidental deletion, unintentional format, sudden loss power, virus infection and abrupt removal of the memory card, etc loss of valuable information can incur from Sony memory cards. There is no need to get anxious about how to perform data recovery from Sony memory card effectively, you can download this memory cards recovery tool and proceed with the restoring process without any interruptions.

Photos from your Sony memory card gets deleted or lost due to various reasons:

  • The files saved in your Sony memory card get unintentionally deleted by user while trying to delete a single file, because user might accidentally select all the files present in that folder and delete them
  • Accidentally formatting the memory card when it is connected to your system causes loss of all valuable pictures from the storage media
  • Abrupt removal of memory card when the read or write process is being carried out will also bring about loss of photos and other files that were being processed
  • Virus infection is also the major issue for loss of images as it corrupts the Sony memory card file system

Important features of card recovery tool:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is one of competent card recovery tool that can be used to get back pictures from Sony memory card on Mac OS. Different types of files like audio files, video files, photos, RAW images, documents, Zip files and other file formats. This tool supports the recovery of files from different types of Sony memory cards like M2, micro SD, SD cards, Memory Sticks and others. If in by any case you want to save the scanning process, you can do so by using Save Recovery Session option. This feature helps you to resume the recovery process from where it was stopped without having to rescan the entire memory card again. On having recovered the files from Sony memory card, the user can preview and save the photos.

Steps to restore photos from Sony memory card:

  • Download and install the Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application in the computer by logging is as local system administrator
  • Once the installation process gets completed connect the memory card to the computer
  • Launch the tool and follow the instructions that are provided on the main screen of the tool
  • “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” are the options that are present on the main screen
  • Select the desired option based on the scenario that has caused loss of data from Sony memory card
  • Upon selection of the option, the user will be presented with the set of drives
  • Select the Sony memory card that is connected to the system and then proceed to the Next screen
  • Mark the file types that are to be recovered and click on the Next button
  • This will take you to the scanning process which gets completed within minutes
  • The listed files are present in “Data View” or “File Type View”, toggle between the desired views
  • At last save the photos and other media file to the respective destination location on Mac system after previewing it

Tips for Backup:

  • Install good antivirus application to prevent virus infection
  • Keep a backup of all the files in the separate drive and have it updated regularly
  • Follow proper procedure while removing your memory card from the systems hard drive

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