Data Recovery from Frozen iPod

An iPod is just one of the many portable devices; bought and used by many youngsters to listen to their favorite music, view video clips, record audios and perform many other tasks. iPods are very small, attractive and can be easily carried around place to place. There are various iPod models available like Shuffle, Classic, Mini and Nano each with their unique features. However similar to any other media players even iPods have their own limitation; one of the main limitations is iPod freezing.

Sometimes a quick restart of your iPod may fix the problem. But many a times you lose important files due to iPod freeze. Freezing of iPod takes place due to numerous reasons, some of the prominent them are explained below:

  • Corrupt Files: One of the main reasons for iPod freeze is corrupted files, i.e. if a corrupt file is transferred to your iPod device. The iPod OS will not know what to do with that file and this might cause freezing of iPod when its file system attempts to access corrupted files
  • Insufficient Memory Space: Over the course of time your iPod memory becomes slowly filled. iPod can also freezes due to insufficient memory space and stops working
  • Dead Battery: Dead battery is another reason due to which iPod freezes. This kind of problem usually occurs when your iPod battery is not charged fully or if the battery itself is dying

When your iPod suddenly freezes, you don’t get any response no matter what buttons you press. You can try resetting your iPod to its factory settings in such cases. A reset should unfreeze your iPod and get it back to normal working condition. But often resetting an iPod will result in complete or partial data loss from iPod media player. So if you have reset your iPod and have lost all your important iPod media files, then you need to switch to good iPod recovery software to retrieve your lost data.

iPod Recovery Software:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery can be used to rescue all deleted and lost files from frozen iPod. This tool is built using advanced techniques to efficiently scan and retrieves numerous file types like music, videos, documents, podcasts, photos and many more from frozen iPod. It supports recovery of media files from iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Classic and iPod Nano. Apart from frozen iPod, this tool can be used to get back files from after accidental deletion, formatting, sync error, restoring iPod to its factory settings, iTunes database crash, improper usage and so on. It works well on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion machines

Steps to recover data from frozen iPod:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery and install the application to a healthy Mac machine
  • Connect your iPod via USB. Run the application and follow the main screen steps
  • Click on “Lost Photo Recovery” option to get back lost or missing files from frozen iPod
  • The software scans and displays all Volumes present on your system including the connected drives (iPod)
  • Select the external drive representing your iPod and then click on “Next” button
  • The application repeats the scanning process and shows all deleted / lost files from your iPod
  • View your files in two different views i.e. “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Use “Data View” tab to show your files in hierarchical format or use “File Type View” tab to displays your files based on file extension format
  • At last browse for the destination location to save your rescued files (However it is best if you don’t save your retrieved files onto the same iPod because the chances of original files getting replaced is extremely high)

Things to Remember:

  • Never switch off your iPod during read / write process
  • Regularly scan for viruses on your iPod using a powerful antivirus application
  • Avoid using your iPod after the device is full on memory
  • Always backup your iPod data before performing “Format” or “Restore” operation

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