Music Recovery from Corrupted iPod on Mac

Each and every music lover desired to have iPod, because of its portability, easy to use nature, high storage capacity and other advanced features. Though iPods are well known as music players, now it is possible to use iPod to capture photos, record videos, playing games and to perform various tasks. Like other electronic gadgets, iPod are also prone to corruption due to some human errors or logical faults while handling iPod media player.

Then let us know how iPod gets corrupt resulting in loss of music files?

  • Improper ejection of iPod while playing audio tracks or carelessly  disconnecting iPod from your Mac system while transferring your favorite songs can lead to Pod corruption
  • Some users may access or play music on iPod when it is showing low battery warning. Ignoring the warning and continue to play songs, then iPod may get damage due to forceful turnoff
  • iTunes library helps you to synchronize iPod files. Misusage of iTunes software can results in synchronization error, which can corrupt iPod and points to loss of music files saved in it
  • External threats like malware or virus infects the iPod device and makes its contents inaccessible by damaging file system of iPod

You may remember the days where you come across loss of your favorite music tracks from iPod when gets corrupted due to any of scenario as explained above. In such situations, you may just rely on backup to restore missing files. If you don’t have copy of those music files, then you might have assumed that you completely lost your beloved songs from iPod. But, now things are changed; tremendous growth in technical field made it possible to regain contents of corrupted iPod in simple way. Using relevant iPod file recovery tool you can get music from corrupted iPod on Macintosh system. Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is one of well known software that can be used to rescue music from corrupted iPod on Macintosh OS.

Way to get songs from corrupted iPod

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery utility is can bring back missing music files from corrupted or damaged iPod on Mac system. This tool regains music files from different models of iPod such as iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic and iPod Mini. Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool acts as best iPod Recovery software to recover all deleted or lost contents of iPod with the help of their file name, size, extension and date of creation. In addition, this utility retrieves data from iPod after any sort of data loss situation. For an instance when iPod is formatted, restored to its factory settings, updated, crashed, frozen or stops working for any cause. It also extracts images files, video files and other kinds of files from iPods, memory cards, USB drives, external hard drives, etc on Mac desktops and notebooks.

Procedure to restore music files from corrupted iPod

  • Download and install the Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool to your Mac system
  • Connect the corrupted iPod device to your Mac computer via USB cable
  • Run the application and follow the on screen procedures
  • In the main screen two options will be displayed i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select “Lost Photo Recovery” option to extract lost or missing music files from corrupted iPod
  • The utility starts the scanning process and shows all the internal and external volumes associated with Mac system
  • Select the volume which denoted your iPod and click on “Next” button
  • The application scans and displays all the missing music files
  • Choose the audio tracks you want to retrieve
  • Finally end the process with saving the recovered music files to the desired location on your Mac machine

Important Cautions:

  • Have a habit of regularly taking backup of iPod music files including precious image files or games on some external storage media
  • Ensure that your Mac system is virus free, before connecting the iPod
  • Don’t switch the iPod between Windows and Mac operating systems

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