How to Find Hidden Photos On Mac?

Can’t find hidden photos on your Mac? Forgot the location of the hidden photos? Then this article is for you. This article will walk you through how to find hidden photos on Mac with the possible manual methods. If you are in hurry to view hidden photos on Mac then we recommend you use a Yodot Mac photo recovery tool.

Written by Lucy John on April 25, 2023

We can find two situations where users or other factors can hide photo files on the Mac system. The first is a general way of hiding precious or highly confidential photos using the intended option by Mac users. The second one is external things like untrusted third-party utilities installed in Mac computers and suspicious viruses, spyware, etc., hiding photos without the user’s confirmation.

In the first case Mac user can restore hidden files by reminding the destination path, suppose a user forgets the target location of hidden files, then using the “Finder” option, one can find hidden files on Macintosh Machine, whereas this option may not be applicable to the second case.

In a few horrid instances, malfunctioning applications like iPhoto, Picasa, Photo Booth, and others on Mac systems can even hide photos and make them unreadable. Including this, formatting Mac volume containing hidden images also counts for removing hidden pictures.

Can You See Hidden Photos on Mac?

Yes, your pictures will be safe on the system until it is affected by malware, technical issue, or human error. You can find the hidden album on Mac by the below-provided methods:

How to View Hidden Photos/Albums on Mac?

To find and view the hidden album, follow the two simple steps below:

Unhide Photos on Mac

Find Hidden Photos on Mac With the Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool

The Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool is a safe and fastest photo recovery tool to find hidden pictures on Mac, the tool uses the Raw Search option to find and recover particular file types, rather than scanning the entire drive to find the file types and further, it saves the recovered photos on a different disk to avoid future complications. Download and try the tool now for free.

Follow the Simple Steps to Access Hidden Photos on Mac With the Help of the tool:

Tips to Maintain Photos on Mac:

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