How to Retrieve Deleted Clips from iMovie

iMovie is a popular video editing application which facilitate users to create and edit their favorite movies. It offers wide range of features in terms of editing video clips and movies on your Mac computer. One can edit any type of video using iMovie and create it as you need. It also has the potential to record narration of photos as well as videos. However, some unpredictable situation may occur and videos created using iMovie might get deleted from your iMovie.

Let us assume a practical situation wherein you have edited a movie using iMovie and thought of moving it to the folder where you have stored important files. Upon selecting the video edited in iMovie, you clicked on “Copy” option to paste in the folder. You were not aware of the fact that the files will be deleted if you erase them before pasting to the desired location. Hence, before you could paste the iMovie videos to specific location, you have deleted it from the source location. Now when you right clicked to paste the iMovie in folder, you found that the “paste” option was in disabled state. This type of situation may frighten you as you had deleted clips from iMovie deo from original location and it no longer exists in your Mac computer.

Few other reasons liable for deletion of iMovie clips are:

  • Deletion from Mac Terminal: Mac Terminal is a feature which will allows you to delete, modify or find hidden files from Mac computer. However, at the time of commencing any task using Mac Terminal, you may mistakenly delete important iMovie clips from your Mac computer
  • Erasing iMovie clips from Trash: Some users always look into Trash to delete files when Mac computer’s hard drive is almost full. Upon visiting Trash Bin, one may accidentally delete iMovie clips resided in it
  • Accidental Deletion: While removing unneeded iMovie videos, you may accidentally delete important iMovie clips which you never intend to lose from Mac computer
  • Unknowingly Formatting: Users format the volume on Mac hard drive when it has several unwanted files. But many times you may mistakenly give command to format drive that has important iMovie video clips and other data which is very vital

iMovie video recovery application:

Since Mac does not provide “Recovery” option to restore deleted iMovie and other files from Mac computer, it is suggested to download useful application to regain deleted iMovie video. Many users have trusted Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software in this regard. This software has the power to recover deleted iMovie files from Mac systems within a short period. It will display each and every step in understandable manner so that you don’t face any difficulties during the recovery session. It has the ability to restore most of the popular video formats and you will be able to view and find for it using the appropriate options facilitated by the software. Not only iMovie files, even if you have accidentally deleted music off iTunes then also the tool will lend a helping hand; as it can restore iTunes Library files, iPhoto files and media files from different storage devices such as iPod, digital camera, camcorders memory card, portable hard drive, USB drive, memory stick and so on.

Procedure to get back iMovie videos from Mac:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software and install it to your Mac computer
  • Install the software by going through the procedure shown by this software and run it
  • Main screen will show you two options which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Choose first one to undelete video clips from iMovie
  • Select the drive from where you want to regain iMovie clips
  • Permit the application to scan the drive and then select recoverable iMovie clips
  • Check files using two view types and then preview them to confirm about your selection
  • Finally save retrieved iMovie clips in a desired location on your Mac computer or to any external storage drive

Beneficial Tips:

  • Cross verify files present in Mac Trash before emptying it
  • Never choose Mac Terminal to delete iMovie and other files

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