Get Back iTunes Music from External Hard Drive

“Need help; I have synced my iTunes Library to external hard drive and managing entire data of iTunes in external hard drive.But today, after connecting external drive to my Mac system, I lost certain music files due to wrong transfer process. I tried all possible ways to get back those iTunes music, but nothing worked. Can anyone help me to recover iTunes music from external hard drive on Mac? Kindly suggest appropriate solution.”

Storing backup files in external hard drive is followed by many computer users as it serves as the best portable storage solution. It can save various file types from computers like videos, music, pictures, documents and all other files that an internal hard drive can store. One may also sync and save files like music from iTunes on external hard drive. But these music files of iTunes might be lost from external hard drive in many instances as follows due to user mistakes or due to logical errors as follows:

  • Accidental deletion of necessary music files instead of unwanted files from iTunes will remove it immediately from external hard drive
  • Malicious virus or malware intrusion to external hard drive can sometimes end up in removal of files like audios which you have synced to ITunes
  • Removal of music files due to incorrect sync while moving music files from external drive to iTunes on Macintosh system
  • Antivirus scan, forceful pulling of portable drive during data read/ write process on Mac and other software conflicts can give way for loss of iTunes music files from external hard drive

In any of these instances, user suffers loss of valuable iTunes music files from external hard drive on Mac. Fortunately, these lost or erased iTunes music files from external hard drive can be pulled back easily with the help of third party recovery tool like Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software which is built exclusively for media file recovery on OS X.

iTunes music recovery software:

Among existing third party file retrieval programs, Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is rated best as it performs hassle-free recovery of media files. It exceptionally works to restore files like music, pictures, videos and RAW images of vivid file types with ease. This tool can also recover music from iPod without iTunes, after iTunes / iPod crash or computer crash. It can even get back photos from flash memory cards used in digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, etc. Apart from external hard drive, one can use this program to get back media files from memory cards, internal hard drives, USN flash drives, media players, SSDs, FireWire drives and many more on OS X computers. This software can be employed on Mac Mini, iMac, Mac pro, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air systems operating with OS X Leopard and above versions.

Guidelines to extract iTunes music from external hard drive on Mac:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software on your Mac machine and install it
  • Connect your external hard drive that held iTunes music files that are lost now
  • After running the application, you will get a main screen
  • Click on ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ or ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ option based on iTunes music file loss scenario
  • Then choose the drive that represents externally connected external hard drive from which songs have to be restored
  • When scanning ends, view the retrieved music files in distinct view types
  • Preview selected music file and save all music files to desired target location on computer hard drive

Points to Remember:

  • Do not erase any files from external hard drive before confirmation
  • It is wise to backup all necessary files in multiple storage devices to avoid unexpected file loss

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