How to Recover Files from Apple iPod?

IPod is a portable media player designed by Apple Inc. Mostly, users use iPod for entertainment purpose. It can also serve as external storage device to save most of the media files as user convenience. One can store music, photos, videos, Podcasts and lot more in iPod. The storage capacity of iPod varies depending on model.

Conversely, due to mishandle of iPod, user may face huge file loss in situations like:

  • Transferring files from iPod to Mac - if any interruption occurs (like abrupt removal of iPod or power failure) during transfer process then files may get deleted or missing from iPod
  • Accidental format - Formatting iPod will erase entire files stored in it
  • Malware attack - Files getting infected by harmful viruses on iPod can tend to disappear
  • Restore / Reset iPod –Due to factory settings in iPod files will get delete
  • Improper Synchronization – Partial synchronization of iTunes on Mac with iPod may leads to loss of files
  • iTunes error – Improper installation of iTunes application on iPod may results in inaccessibility of iPod files

In case, you have faced loss or file deletion situation from any iPod model, then don’t worry about the recovering lost data as it is very simple with today’s technology. You can use any iPod file recovery software to restore files that were either deleted or lost. Now, you might come up with a question like “Which software can give effective results in recovery?” If you want to safely retrieve iPod files within short period of time, then use “Yodot Mac Photo Recovery” software.

Software to recover files from iPod on Mac:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software can successively get back files from iPod on Mac system with easy steps. This advanced application can extract files like videos, audios, photos, raw images, Podcasts from iPod. It can restore files from different iPod models such as Classic, Nano, Shuffle and Mini. Additionally, it can support frozen iPod data recovery, corrupt iPod music restoration and iPod recovery after iTunes sync errors. Addition to iPod, it can retrieve files from Mac hard drive, memory cards, external hard drives, USB drives, etc. it is compatible with various versions of Mac OS such as Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite.

Procedure to extract files from iPod:

  • First of all connect iPod to a Mac computer from where you need to retrieve files without synchronizing it with iTunes on Mac
  • Then, install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery program on that system. Then, run application to start recovery process
  • Two options ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ and ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ will get displayed; click on any option according to your file loss situation
  • In next screen, it will display list of volumes present in Mac system
  • Select the volume which represents iPod device
  • As soon as you select iPod, it will start scanning process
  • Wait for few minutes until scanning is finished
  • Then extracted files will get displayed in two view types such as ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’
  • Select required files and save them in desired location other than source location (same iPod device)

Important Note!!

  • Follow proper method while upgrading iTunes apps in iPod device
  • After file loss, stop adding files to Apple iPod in order to avoid data overwriting

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