Can't Find ITunes Music Files That Are On My Computer, How Do I Locate them?

Recently, a pretty good number of iTunes users have approached that their iTunes is not locating music files. It is noted that whenever an attempt is made to play any song, iTunes said it cannot find that specific file. An exclamation mark used to appear right next to iTunes music. Even though it was able to load the songs folder it cannot find particular music tracks. This problem turned to be disappointing to many. For more information, there include vivid reasons for iTunes showing such unusual symptoms. It might be after some major changes in system like software updates, system restore from backup or due to removal of storage drives etc.

Fixing iTunes to locate music files:

When iTunes fails to locate sound tracks, you can see a pop-up saying -“cannot find the original file do you want to locate it?”. In some cases, corruption in iTunes library or songs folder relocation can also be the cause for this type of errors. You can try to resolve this by implementing some relevant methods like:

Method 1: click Locate button that appears on error screen > use Finder to search for files that are associated with the music file that is not able to be located > continue searching until you find the original song > then click on Open and start playing music track.

Method 2 (fixing path): Inspect whether all iTunes directory structure is well set. Make sure that all files and folders exist and they are properly named. You can try this by navigating through Advanced option in iTunes preferences > importing > change > iTunes music folder. If songs are not found in default folder location, then go with Reset option. This helps you to resolve when iTunes cannot locate music files.

Method 3 (re-import): If the music is unplayable then go to that music folder and drag it to iTunes Window > ignore warning messages, if any > play it now (remember to remove duplicate entries of songs afterwards). Alternatively, another solution is that you can try to rebuild a new library by deleting old ones.

At other situations

If the trouble still seems to remain unresolved then there might be some other internal issues that are not letting your songs to play right. Now your files have gone missing and some might have been deleted. You can re-download them back. Or it can be that you had vast collection of files that are unable to find. Even then there is a way to get them back. Simply run Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application and instantly retrieves your iTunes music. Where even at situations like users come up saying I accidentally deleted my songs from iTunes and how to get them back. Yodot serves to be right solution even in such cases.

More detailed view on iTunes music retrieval application:

It is an effective tool that brings back media files that are lost during various instances. The task of retrieving files is too easy to be carried out by users with friendly interface of the program. Moreover, it supports all your Mac OS X versions and all media type files are supported; so no worries of what kind of files are lost /deleted. It’s also frequently reported that when users went to reset iPod to factory settings and lost music files. So in that case also the tool plays a vital role in recovering your lost music or any media files. This application provides extended support to restore data from external hard drives, memory cards, flash drives and other external storage devices.

How to run the recovery software?:

Preventive tips:

  • It is always recommended to keep backup of your iTunes library collection on safe location
  • Pay attention while proceeding with delete operation
  • Be careful with iTunes application updates and other software upgrades

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