How to Recover ITunes Music from Crashed Computer?

“Hi everyone, I have got a problem and please help me out with your valuable suggestions. My computer got crashed few hours ago and it is not working. I am worried about the loss of many files of mine on iTunes which I had purchased. I do not understand what to do to securely get back iTunes on my Mac computer. Waiting for your replies, thanks in advance.”

You might have faced the situation like above. There are many reasons for computer crash as discussed ahead. If you are getting symptoms on computer that indicate hard drive crash in near future, then it is alarm for you to check computer crash. If it happens before you could take any actions, then you will lose all the data in it including your bought iTunes files. Do not panic in such circumstance as you can restore iTunes from crashed computer using recovery software.

Reasons for computer crash:

You may lose iTunes files after your computer crashed due to any of the above scenarios. The iTunes files may also be lost in various other scenarios like formatting your computers drives or deleting iTunes accidentally from Mac system and so on. However, you can restore iTunes from your computer lost in any situation using Yodot Photo Recovery which is the best iTunes recovery software.

iTunes file recovery software:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery helps you in recovering iTunes from crashed computer on Mac OS X. This utility is free from any viruses, malwares or spywares and easy to use. This tool is capable of retrieving iTunes from crashed computer hard drives, external hard drives, iPods, memory cards, USB drives, etc. You can get back iTunes deleted or lost from various storage drives on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion operating system. It can restore variety of photos, videos, music files and other documents from all kinds of storage media on Macintosh computer or laptop.

Procedure to recover iTunes after computer crash:


  • Backup iTunes files on any external hard drive or in any other secure storage space
  • Keep formatting the computer periodically to avoid any problems causing computer crash

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