How to Get Photos from iTunes?

Have you lost your crucial memories from iTunes and wondering how to get them back? Well, not just you, many users are there who are facing the same problem and fortunately most of them successfully regained their iTunes photos; because they have an exact idea about utilizing an advanced technology to overcome such massive loss of images and other media files.

Like them you can also retrieve your lovable memories which have been deleted or lost from iTunes library. This informative article puts light upon the best and easiest way of recovering iTunes pictures by providing step by step guidance. However, before we get to start with the photo recovery process, look at following points that are responsible for such mishap:

  • User may press ‘Delete’ button mistakenly when trying to copy or move photos from iTunes library. They can also delete important pictures accidentally when erasing unwanted files
  • Resetting iPod or any other iTunes device will cause deletion of photos and other media files that are residing there in iTunes Library
  • Often users format their device without saving backup of valuable photos. Such mistake leads to the removal of hundreds of iTunes photos and other library files
  • Sometimes, photo loss is possible when synching gets interrupted or any error occurs while downloading purchased media files via iTunes
  • You won’t be able to access your iTunes pictures if the device is malfunctioning or corrupted with virus or malware threats

Make iTunes Photo recovery easy!

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is re-known utility that offers set of advanced photo recovery modules to achieve best result in recovering pictures from iTunes. It is an extensively used application by Mac OS X users to recover images that are removed or lost from iTunes due to many reasons. Mac users can employ this utility to restore iTunes media folder containing media files such as digital pictures, videos, music files, podcasts, etc. It is an easy to use and has interactive interface that makes it very simple to perform iTunes media files recovery from iPods, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and other Mac OS X compatible devices. Additionally, it supports photo recovery from external hard disks, SSDs, flash memory cards, pen drives and other storage devices.

Steps for retrieving photos from iTunes:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application on your Mac OS X computer and install it
  • Once the software is installed, launch it to explore the instructions on the main screen
  • Choose “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to undelete images from iTunes
  • You can select “Lost Photo Recovery” option in order to get missing pictures back from iTunes
  • Next screen displays all the volumes present in your Mac system
  • Select the volumes where iTunes images were saved and click Next to continue with the process
  • The recovery tool scans the volume rigorously and lists out all recovered photos
  • Now you have to select the destination storage location using the Browse option and then save all retrieved pictures there (Don’t save restored images onto the volume which has been scanned for iTunes photo recovery process)


  • Keep an updated backup of all valuable images on multiple storage devices
  • Avoid interruptions while synching or downloading photos on iTunes
  • Configure iTunes preferences to backup files in Media folder automatically

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