How to Recover Lost Movies on iTunes Library?

“Have you lost any movies from iTunes and searching on how to recover them? Then you are at the right place. This page describes on how you can retrieve lost movies and other video files on iTunes with utmost ease. Continue to read.

iTunes is an application developed by Apple to manage digital data like movies, music files, videos and television shows on Mac or Windows computer. Using this inclusive tool, one can easily purchase online videos as well as synchronize media files from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, etc. through cloud on Macintosh system. iTunes Library holds video files in the format of M4V / MOV. So, before importing movies to iTunes, the files must be converted to either mov or m4v video formats. But movies on iTunes can be lost due to various reasons. Below mentioned are few commonly seen scenarios wherein MOV or M4V movies on iTunes go missing / lost:

  • Migrating Mac OS X: After updating your present version of Mac operating system to newer one, you may also have to update the iTunes application on the system. In such situations, chances of losing movies present on iTunes are frequently seen
  • Misleading of iTunes app: Irregularities in the working of iTunes Library may sometimes result in loss of movies and other media files from it
  • Interruptions while downloading movies on iTunes: Partial download of movies from internet or incorrect way of importing movies from system to iTunes Library may even lead to loss of those movies on iTunes
  • Other reasons: Mac system / iTunes application crash, improper updates of iTunes, hard drive corruption that holds all the files of Mac system along with iTunes, etc. may also result in loss of movies from iTunes Library

Most of the times, lost MOV or M4V movie files on iTunes can be retrieved back if you posses updated backup of all required files. But, many users fail to keep proper backup of files and thus suffer loss of files situations as mentioned above.

Is it possible to get back lost movies on iTunes?

Absolutely yes, you can successfully restore missing MOV and M4V files on iTunes through the following methods:

  • Check in the Trash folder and if you find the missing movie file right click on it and select Put back option
  • If movie is lost due to improper download, then go to iTunes option in tool bar, select Store and click on ‘Check for available downloads’. Here all unfinished downloads will be listed. Select the movie and click resume
  • If purchased movies are lost, then you can re-download the files without any penny by using the same ID with which you had purchased the movie

If you are unable to find the lost movies even by following above steps, then you have to make use of proficient media file recovery tool to recover those movie files.

Software to restore iTunes lost movies on Mac:

Competent software that many industry experts suggest to get back lost movies on iTunes is Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool. By employing this utility, you can excellently retrieve lost movies from iTunes on popular Mac OS X operated desktops and laptops. This application can also restore all types of media files like movies, photos, video clippings, audio songs, and many more from Mac iTunes, iPods, memory cards, USB drives, etc. within few mouse clicks.

Steps to bring back lost movies from iTunes on Mac:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software on your Mac system where iTunes is present
  • Then click on the icon to install and run the application
  • In the main wizard, you will be provided with two options, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Go for ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ to recover lost movie files and click next
  • Now, select the volume where iTunes Library is located and select the file types that you wish to recover
  • The software scans the selected volume and comes up with all restored files
  • Go through the files in Data view / File Type view options and select required files to save
  • Now, specify new destination location on the system drive or any external storage media and click save

Precautionary measures to avoid loss of media on iTunes:

  • Keep updated backup of media files of high importance in multiple storage devices
  • Follow proper methods to sync and download movies on iTunes
  • Change iTunes preferences to automatically backup files in media folder

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