How to Get Back Lost Music Files from iPod?

It is not necessary to introduce iPod device since many people across the world, from school student to an IT professional, use this portable media player in their pockets. One can store plenty of music files, videos along with images on this digital gadget. There exist different models of iPods such as iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, etc. iPod includes iTunes library in order to organize music files on it.

Adding to its portability, high storage capacity and easy usage, iPod is prone to data loss in some unfortunate situations. Music files and other media files that are reserved on your iPod go missing unintentionally. Let us discuss few common scenarios of losing music files from iPod here:

  • Virus attack on iPod:Viruses or other dangerous malware attack on iPod leads to loss of infected music files from the device
  • iTunes malfunctioning:Due to mishandling of iPod such as abrupt removal of iPod while transferring music files, turning off the iPod suddenly while paying music, etc. can make malfunctioning of iTunes application. Thereby causing loss of music files from iPod device
  • Restoring iPod to its factory setting:Unknowingly selecting “Restore” option on iPod device while performing some other operation will lead to loss of music files
  • Transfer error: While transferring music files from iPod to computer abrupt removal of iPod or system shutdown can lead to loss of music files being processed

How can lost music files be retrieved from iPod?

Similar to system hard drive, files stored on iPod are associated with file pointers and other related details. So when you lose music files from iPod, only interrelated file pointers from file system table get erased not the original data. Thus, unless and until it’s space is overwritten with new content, recovering lost or missing music files is possible from iPod using any media file recovery software.

About best iPod music recovery application:

One of the best media file recovery is Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool to get back music files from iPod on Mac system. It can efficiently restore lost music files from iPod on Mac computer. You can also bring back deleted or lost videos, photos and others from iPod without any difficulties. The application is also capable to extract music files from iPod Nano, iPod Mini iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic with ease. If you are thinking can I get back deleted photos on my laptop, desktop, flash drives, memory cards and other internal or internal storage medium? Yes, using this tool it is possible to recover files from any storage device. This utility is compatible with different versions of Mac operating system like Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion.

Steps to recover lost music files from iPod:

  • Connect affected iPod device to Macintosh machine
  • Download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery on that Mac system
  • Later launch the application and proceed with on-screen guidelines
  • From the main screen choose “Lost Photo Recovery” option to regain missing or lost music files from iPod
  • Next screen contains list of volumes and externally connected drives
  • Now select the drive that represents your iPod, from where lost music files have to recovered
  • Later, the tool starts scanning selected drive and displays list of lost music files in Data View or File Type View
  • Mark the desired music files and browse for preferred storage location. However do not save to the same iPod to avoid data mishap

Basic instructions:

  • Keep you iPod away from unauthenticated or unsecured system/device to avoid virus attack
  • Backup your favorite songs of iPod in computer or any other external storage components
  • Handle your iPod with care while transferring data from it

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