How Can I Recover MOV Files on Mac?

“I connected USB drive to my Mac machine to copy a MOV file from it. As I was transferring the file, my system got switched off improperly due to unknown reason. When I turned it on, I could not find the MOV file in my system. The video file I lost is very important, I need it back. Can anyone let me know if there is any software that may help me in this regard?”

Yes surely, it is possible to recover MOV files!!! But you should make sure that you don't add anything into your Mac machine once any data is lost from your Macintosh, because it results in overwriting and the chances of recovering the lost file becomes very difficult. Therefore you should quickly opt for recovery software to get back your lost MOV files back.

Liable Reasons for loss of MOV files from Mac are as follows:

  • Unintended deletion: You may have mistakenly deleted your MOV files from your Mac hard drive, memory card, flash drive, etc. MOV files deleted from Mac hard drive can easily be restored if you have not emptied Trash Bin. However if you have emptied the Trash Bin, then you need to use a recovery application to get back your files
  • Improper device usage: The MOV files stored on any removable media could get deleted or lost due to wrong usage such as abruptly pulling the external drive from your Mac computer while transfer process. In some cases using storage media on multiple OS leads to formatting and data loss
  • File system corruption: When file system of Mac volume gets corrupted, then data stored on entire volume becomes unreadable. And formatting of corrupted Mac volume erases complete files and folders including MOV files from Mac volumes

It always hurts when you realize that you have accidentally deleted your important MOV video clips from Macintosh computer or discover that you unintentionally clicked on the wrong button on your camcorder which had your MOV files. Fortunately, there are several recovery tools, which are specifically designed for recovering MOV files on Mac Os and Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is one among them.

Recovery of MOV Files:

You may question why to opt for Yodot Mac Photo recovery tool in spite of having so many other applications? The answer is quite simple. This software has user friendly interface, which can accomplish MOV file recovery on Mac in 3 to 4 simple steps. In order to operate this software, no prior computer skills are needed. You can recover deleted QuickTime MOV files deleted or lost from corrupted, formatted or reformatted volumes on Mac hard drive. In addition, you can rescue MOV files from memory cards, camcorders, flash drives and other storage devices on Mac OS X machines. This software not only restores MOV video files, but also other video files, photo files, RAW images, music files and documents.

Steps to get back MOV files on Mac:

  • Download and install Yodot Mac Photo recovery software to your Mac machine
  • Execute the software and follow the procedures given on the screen
  • You can see two options on the main screen i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Choose “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to retrieve your deleted MOV files
  • Make use of “Lost File Recovery” option to get back lost MOV files
  • The software now displays all the drives present in your computer
  • Click on the drive that represents from where you lost your MOV files
  • Next screen asks you to select file types, select the desired one and click “Next”
  • The software scans the selceted device and displays all the recovered MOV files
  • Click on the files that you want to recover
  • Preview and finally save recovered files to your desired location

Helpful Guidelines:

  • Do not use storage device in different OS to prevent formatting
  • It is good practice to maintain backup of important MOV files
  • Keep the antivirus updated so that it can remove deadly viruses