How to Retrieve Nikon RAW Files?

“After capturing few beautiful pictures on a family vacation using my Nikon CoolPix, I wanted to transfer those images to Mac desktop for further editing. Before doing this my cousin had removed the card from Nikon and had attached it on his camcorder to capture video footage. Later, I placed the card on to camera and connected it to my Mac desktop. But, the folder that had saved all RAW images from Nikon was not readable. Now, how can I recover RAW images from Nikon storage memory? Can anyone suggest me proper way out.”

Images captured using Nikon camera is of .nef or .nrw RAW file formats. RAW images or digital negatives carry all important information required to further edit these pictures to JPEG, TIF / TIFF and other generic format images. These RAW images captured on Nikon digital cameras are likely to get saved in external memory card placed on it. RAW pictures from Nikon camera are thus prone to many data disaster situations like mentioned below:

  • Memory card corruption on Nikon camera after malware intrusion will block access to all RAW images saved in it
  • Mistakenly formatting Nikon memory card without saving vital RAW files from it will wipe off these files within fraction of minutes
  • Continuous saving of RAW files on to Nikon memory card when there isn’t enough storage memory, capturing pictures when Nikon camera is not having sufficient power supply can damage the memory card and causes inaccessibility of all RAW files from it
  • Unintentionally selecting ‘Delete All’ option or wrongly deleting important RAW files instead of unwanted files will clear these files from memory card beyond manual recovery
  • Memory card corruption due to file system damage, incorrect handling, abrupt removal of card during file transfer process and other reasons will also cause loss of vital RAW files from Nikon

In these contexts, if RAW files from Nikon becomes out of reach then it is a great trouble for users who do not carry backup. But, if memory card from Nikon is not used further for any data activities, then one can easily get back lost or erased RAW files from it on Mac using reliable software.

Restore RAW files from Nikon on Mac OS X:

By utilizing Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software, it is now possible to recover Nikon RAW files – NEF and NRW with much ease. This tool is capable enough to bring back all types of RAW images like CR2, CRW, SRW, ORF, PEF, DNG, KDC, FFF and others from various digital camera models. Not only RAW images, it can rescue photos, videos, music and other documents of different file types from camera memory cards on Macintosh computer. Also, this utility can retrieve media files from iPod models, MP3 players, PlayStations as well as memory stick, pen drive, portable hard drive and other storage solutions. This tool is oriented to work on Mac computers running with Snow Leopard, Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion and Mavericks operating systems.

Follow these steps to regain Nikon RAW photos:

  • Connect Nikon camera along with its memory card to a Mac computer using proper USB cable
  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool on this machine and install it
  • Launch the software according to given instructions and wait for main screen to appear
  • Choose ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ or ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ option based on RAW file loss from Nikon storage memory
  • Then choose the drive that represents storage media for Nikon camera from and click next
  • Proceeding further, choose RAW image file type to recover from Nikon or simply select ‘Mark All’ to retrieve all files
  • Now, software scans selected chosen drive to rescue RAW files and comes up with results
  • View recovered RAW images in Data View / File Type View and preview selected images
  • At last, save these restored RAW files to a different storage drive other than same Nikon storage media

Points to Remember:

  • Maintain backup of RAW images from Nikon camera on Mac Time Machine and other external storage drives
  • Do not mishandle Nikon camera’s memory card during data read / write processes