Photo Recovery of RAW Photos

In today’s world, digital cameras are largely used not just by professional photographers but also by many photography enthusiasts. These digital cameras makes use of mainly two file formats RAW and JPEG. So, how these two differ from each other.

Raw images are high quality / resolution photo files generated by digital cameras. While the JPEG and JPG file formats are of lesser quality because they utilize lossy techniques for compression and RAW images are not compressed or processed. Therefore, if the camera is of 8 megapixels then it will generate 8MB RAW image file, this ensures maximum clarity / resolution to the image file.

How these RAW images are lost?

Most of the times RAW image files are lost due to human errors like accidental deletion, improper handling of camera and memory card etc. Let’s have a look on some of the instances;

  • For instance end up formatting the memory card unknowingly
  • Deleting RAW photos directly from the camera
  • Doing blunders like selecting “Delete All” option in the camera, while trying some other option in the menu
  • Forcing the memory card to store images even after showing “Memory is full”
  • Neglecting messages of low battery and using the camera
  • Abruptly ejecting the memory card in between file transfer or while capturing shoots
  • Interrupting file transfer (between memory card and PC) process due to sudden system shutdown or power surge  
  • RAW images are missing from PC due to virus infection, OS-reinstallation, partitioning errors etc.

How to recover / rescue them?

Photos / images are always precious to us, as we capture our special moments with photos. No one afford to lose them. If you have accidentally deleted your photos or formatted the memory card, don’t worry here is the way to get back them. Since, when you delete files photos from your external storage media, it bypasses Trash. But the data is still present in the memory as raw data without any reference in the file directory.

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application has unique algorithms, which performs deep scanning to recover RAW photos from your digital camera or any other storage media. It is user-friendly software that lets you recover your RAW image files by keeping its quality and clarity intact. Supports recovery of RAW images from all types of storage media of different manufactures.

How the software works to recover RAW images?

  • Connect the digital camera directly to the computer or disconnect the memory card and connect it via card reader
  •  Download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software to your Macintosh
  • Launch the application and follow the steps displayed on the screen
  • From the main screen, select from the options “Deleted photo recovery” and “Lost photo recovery” as per the data loss situation
  • Now, choose from the list of drives displayed on the screen
  • Allow the scanning session to finish
  • Use raw search option to search for specific files with help of their unique signatures, this will save time by avoiding full disk scan
  • Select the RAW photo files from the list of recoverable files demonstrated by the software
  • Preview the image files for confirmation
  • Choose the location to save the recovered RAW image files


  • Regularly transfer your image files to your Macintosh
  • Constantly backup your image file
  • Cross check your selection before formatting or deletion
  • Use “Write Protect” knob in your camera memory card
  • Don’t use cameras when battery power is low or dying out
  • Do not eject memory cards in between file transfer or when in use
  • Use good anti-virus software for your computer