Restore Photos from Nikon D5100 Camera

“I own Nikon D5100 digital camera that contained more than thousand photos. I was under the impression that the photos are safe in my Nikon D5100 digital camera and hence did not keep backup of important photos. But now when I try to view photos present in it, my camera display error message that “Card Error”. Is there any way that will help me to fix this problem? I really need those photos back from my Nikon D5100 digital camera.”

If you have Nikon D5100 digital camera then you might have faced above situation or similar situation that resulted in losing photos from it. Nikon D5100 digital camera has included the latest technologies into the DSLR cameras that feature 16.2 megapixels and High Dynamic Range. It assists you to capture fast-moving objects and reduce noise and at the same time blur. Everything goes fine if you handle Nikon D5100 camera carefully. But issues start if you mishandle Nikon D5100 digital camera and the storage device present in it. In above detailed instance, the storage device of Nikon D5100 digital camera might have been used in many digital devices which has made it corrupted. So when card is corrupted you will get error message like “access denied” “The card is not formatted” “Card is unreadable” etc. However, even though you cannot view files present in it, you can restore them with the aid of empowered photo recovery software.

Reasons behind photo loss from Nikon D5100 digital camera:

  • Photos from Nikon D5100 digital camera usually gets deleted if you capture pictures when its battery is running out of power
  • In case you improperly unplug Nikon D5100 digital camera without applying proper method then photos present in it will get lost
  • When you connect Nikon D5100 digital camera to virus infected Mac system then photos present in it will be deleted by viruses without any warning
  • Accidentally formatting storage memory of Nikon D5100 camera directly from camera or when it is connected to Mac computer will result in losing entire data along with photos present in it

Many users are aware of the importance of photos so they keep backup of it into an external hard drive or into their computer hard drive. If you are the one who have not maintained backup and lost photos due to any of the above situation then you can easily restore your precious photos with the help of prominent photo recovery software named Yodot Photo Recovery.

Conspicuous features of Nikon D5100 photo recovery tool:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is the result oriented image recovery application which will help you to get back deleted and lost photos from Nikon D5100 digital camera. If you have this application installed on your computer, then you can not only recover photos from Nikon D5100 camera but also from other storage devices such as pen drive, external hard drive, iPod, portable multimedia player, mobile memory card and so on. With the aid of this application you could retrieve photo formats namely JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, TIF, PSD, NEF, CR2, CRW, DNG, ARW, SR2 WPG, WMF, TGA, SID, QTM, QFX, PSP, PIC, PCX, PCD, PBM etc. It also facilitates an array of features like two scan option, file filtering options and media file preview function to ease and simplify your recovery process.

Procedure to get back photos from Nikon D5100 digital camera:

  • First of all, download and install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software to your Mac computer
  • Run the software and follow the onscreen procedures
  • Select “ Deleted Photo Recovery” option to recover your deleted photos from Nikon D5100 camera
  • Choose “Lost Photo Recovery” option to recover your lost photos from Nikon D5100 digital camera
  • The software scans and displays all the logical and external storage media
  • Select Nikon D5100’s drive from where photos are to be restored
  • The software scans again and displays all the recoverable photos present in the drive
  • Select and preview media files before saving them
  • Browse for the desired storage location to save your recovered photos from Nikon D5100

Points to consider:

  • Frequent usage of Nikon D5100 camera’s memory card could result in losing photos from it. So try to avoid it
  • Never click photos from Nikon D5100 camera when its battery is to the last bar