GetBback Photos from Mac Mini 2012 Desktop

With the Intel Ivy Bridge processor, 1.12 TB fusion drive, fastest 3.0 USB ports, Mac Mini 2012 is one among the most powerful Mac OS X device offering fastest and easiest computing. It is an ideal desktop for the most of the photographers and people who love photography because with the Mac Mini desktop they have a set of unique and innovative apps like iPhoto, iMovie and others to edit, print or share digital photos. Usually, people prefer this compact Mac Mini desktop to preserve their valuable memories forever. However, there are always a few man made or natural accidents that can take place while managing photos on Mac Mini 2012 desktop as a result people lose their valuable pictures. Look over following listed scenarios related to photo loss incidents in Mac Mini 2012:

  • Emptying the Trash bin may lead to the deletion of photos on Mac Mini which were residing in the Trash
  • User may forget to backup photos on Mac Mini 2012 before formatting or OS re-installation operation
  • If the Mac Mini 2012 hard drive is affected with bad sectors, you cannot access photos that are already saved over there
  • Interrupted photo transfer process could result in missing images on Mac Mini 2012 desktop
  • Selecting a wrong picture file to delete despite the required one is a very common mistake done by many Mac Mini desktop users

Photos deleted from SD card are not removed permanently from it. The process of deletion just removes index value and file entries from registry, making the files invisible. Unless and until new photos are saved on SD card after photo deletion, the files remain there Hence, by making use of excellent photo retrieval tool like it is possible to get back deleted photos from SD card on Mac OS X.

Excellent photo recovery software for Mac Mini 2012 PC

If you want to restore missing or erased memories from Mac Mini 2012 desktop, first thing you need to do is to search an effective photo recovery tool. Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is rated among the most appreciated software to achieve successful and easy retrieval of pictures on Mac Mini 2012 computer. This software is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to use with Mac Mini 2012 while compiling photo recovery. This software has great caliber to perform digital media files recovery on Mac OS X based laptop and PC such MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mini etc. With this software, user can restore all types of picture files including CR2, NEF, RAW, DNG, RAF, SR2, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF etc. generated from various popular digital cameras. Also it supports photo recovery from formatted, corrupted or inaccessible memory cards, pen drives, external HDD, SSD drives that are connected to Mac Mini 2012 desktop.

Steps to perform easy retrieval of pictures on Mac Mini 2012:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery program to the Mac Mini 2012 desktop and install it by logging in as Local System Administrator
  • Launch the application to explore the main wizard where you get photo recovery options
  • In the main screen, choose any one option between “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” according the photo loss scenario occurred in Mac Mini 2012 PC
  • Next screen will display a list of drives present in the Mac Mini system
  • Select the respective drive from which you need to restore photos and hit Next tab
  • Now, the software provides you an option to select file types that has to be recovered
  • Check mark on all the file types that needs to be retrieved and click on Next button to initiate scanning process
  • Upon completion of the recovery operation, all the recovered pictures will be listed in “File Type View” and “Data View” format
  • Browse for the destination location where you want to save recovered photos on your Mac Mini 2012 but don’t select the same drive to save photos

Important Tips!

  • Stop adding photos and other data to the Mac Mini 2012 desktop volume after you come across photo loss
  • It’s good to save backup of essential images on different storage locations