How to Restore Photos from Trash on Mac?

The Mac operating system is the most talked about OS among the present generation. It has a way load of features included in it and has an unbeatable speed with which all the tasks can be performed. So what happens if one deletes some of the files from Mac? Those deleted files are sent to Trash folder which is present on the Desktop. This Trash folder acts as a storage folder which keeps all the files that are deleted from the system, one exception is that when the user uses this command+shift+option+delete key simultaneously from the keyboard the file gets deleted from the Trash folder without any confirmation.

Various formats of files that are supported to be stored on the Mac operating system are audio files, video files, photos, documents and many others that are necessary for performing certain operations. As you keep on going through the pictures that are present in the system, you may not find necessity of some of the pictures that are stored on the hard drive so you delete them. As they get deleted intentionally or unintentionally they are stored in this Trash folder.

This Trash folder is the safe spot for the photos that are deleted from the system. So, if the need arises the user can restore them to the original destination in which they had been saved. Assume that you urgently need to access some pictures that are present in the Trash folder and while doing so, the system suddenly crashes that causes loss of valuable digital media files including pictures.

Now let us look at some of the reasons which are considered to be the main culprits for the loss of files from your Trash folder:

  • Emptying the Trash folder without checking all files will cause loss of photos from Mac Trash
  • Partition format during the process of installing new operating system will surely erase all the image files stored in the Trash Bin
  • Incomplete restoration process from Trash folder will also cause loss of photos
  • While selecting the types of image files that has to be restored you may unknowingly delete them

What to do now?

So these are few mentioned reasons that might cause loss of pictures from the Trash folder on Mac. Incase if you have encountered some of the other scenarios that have caused deletion of image files, there is no need of being upset! With this Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool the user can rescue pictures from the system in no time. This application has been loaded with high quality graphical user interface that will get the recovery process completed in no time. Use the advanced options that have been included in this software, so that you don’t find any trouble while performing the restoration procedure.

This tool has ability to restore various file types including media files and Office documents. For instance, it is been proved the smartest way of undeleting Excel files from usb drive, desktop folders or from media cards within 5 simple steps. Get the demo version of this tool that will help you to know your chances of getting back the image files that have been deleted or lost from your Trash folder. Once you get satisfied that this is the right tool to perform the job, then all you have to do is to purchase key to activate the full version of this tool that will allow you to save the respective image files.

Go through the steps to rescue pictures from Mac Trash:

  • Download the tool from the website and have it installed in your Mac operating system by logging in as local system administrator
  • Run the software from the icon present on the desktop that will get you to the main screen of the tool
  • Here you have to click on “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” based on the scenario that caused loss of images
  • Now in the next step you will be provided with the set of partitions that are present in your computer
  • Select the drive that has been the victim of deletion of photos and then click on the Next button that has been placed in the right bottom of the screen
  • After this, the next screen will provide you with the types of files that has to be recovered
  • Select the type of file you want to get back and then click on Next button that will complete the scanning process and gets you the screen with the list of recovered pictures

Here are some of the suggestions that can be followed:

  • Always maintain a backup of the important files in a separate drive
  • Keep a good antivirus program installed in your system
  • Have patience and always do check twice before deleting files from Trash or emptying Mac Trash