How to Get Data off Portable Media Devices?

“I use a media player that is portable and stores all its files in memory card. I have saved numerous video clips, movies, songs and few photos on this portable media device. However, today I removed the memory card from this media player and inserted it on to mobile to move some files. Unfortunately, the card showed 0 files. I was bit annoyed and placed this card back on portable media device. To my surprise the card turned corrupt causing inaccessibility of all files present in it. Now, is there any possible way to recover files from corrupt memory card on portable media player?”

Portable Media Device /Player – PMP, as the name says it all is a device that is capable of storing and playing media files like audio, video and pictures. Some advanced portable media devices also features recording, internet access and Radio for enhanced experience. Files on Media Player will be saved in flash memory, hard drive or other storage devices associated with the device. However, data from PMP can become futile in unexpected situations as mentioned here:

  • Improper ejection of flash memory card from portable media device can damage card after which files from the card will be lost or turns inaccessible
  • Unintentional deletion of files from PMP or its memory card when connected to Mac system will induce complete loss of those files
  • Malware attack or file system damage on memory device of PMP can lead to huge data loss as memory card becomes inactive
  • Formatting memory card from PMP when connected to Macintosh system will erase all data from PMP card

As media data gets out of reach on PMP, user assumes that all data is lost forever; but, it is not true. Until and unless new data is added to PMP, missing or erased files will still remain intact in same memory location. So, by implementing good media data recovery tool, it is possible to retrieve data from portable media device Macintosh computer.

Portable Media Device data recovery tool:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is the best application to bring back files from portable media device. This utility can retrieve media data from portable MP3 players, audible player, portable media center (PMC) and other portable media devices with ease. This tool is an excellent media file restoration program as it can rescue different type of pictures, audios, videos along with RAW images of. In addition, this tool can even rescue files from corrupt iTunes database on Macintosh computer with ease. One can even retrieve media files from pen drives, external hard disks, memory cards, SSD and other storage components without any hassle. It can be used on computers running with Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mountain Lion and Lion operating systems.

Simple steps to rescue files from Portable Media Device:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software on to a Mac computer and install it
  • Connect your Portable Media Device along with its storage media to this system and run the application
  • In main screen select “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” option as per data loss from Media device
  • Next, from the list of drives shown on screen; choose the one that represents storage drive of Portable Media device
  • Then, if necessary mention the media file types to be recovered from Portable media device
  • Otherwise, simply skip the step by clicking on ‘Skip’ button
  • Now allow the software to scan preferred drive to bring back all media data from it
  • Recovered data will be presented in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’ modes
  • Glance at retrieved files in any of the view types and examine selected files using ‘Preview’ option
  • At last, save these restored files to new target location on host computer hard drive or to other external storage drive

Keep things simple:

  • Do not unnecessarily connect Portable Media Device to various computers
  • Secure data from Portable Media device on other storage devices to escape data loss