Recovery of Deleted Music on MacBook

Ever encountered a situation where you have deleted music files and emptied Trash on your MacBook? Due to unintended deletion, you might be very upset and search for a way to recover deleted songs on MacBook Notebook. No need to get frustrated, because the music files you have permanently erased on MacBook can be retrieved using any media files recovery software.

MacBook is a portable and handy notebook introduced by Apple Inc. This computing device is one of the thinnest notebooks, which includes many advanced features. Users can store documents, photos, music files, videos and many more. As music plays vital role in refreshing an individual, most of the people collect plenty of songs and store on their MacBook. In case any of songs get deleted from large collection of music, then it gets disappointed as stated before. Therefore, it is highly recommended to backup your music files on your MacBook.

Let us consider common reasons for deletion of music on MacBook:

  • Accidentally removing music files while transferring from MacBook to any other storage device using Cut Paste operations
  • Mistakenly deleting songs from MacBook terminals using commands like rm -Rf
  • Formatting the MacBook volume containing your music albums leads to removal of those media files
  • Interruption while moving music files from MacBook to any other storage device and many others

Apart from these causes, one may lose music files and other data on MacBook due to volume header corruption, file system corruption, improper OS reinstallation, catalog file corruption, etc. You can overcome all these scenarios and recover deleted or erased music on MacBook using handful and efficient media file recovery tool called Yodot Mac Photo Recovery. This application handles all above listed causes successfully to rescue your favorite music tracks on MacBook.

Software to restore deleted songs on MacBook:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is the finest media file recovery application to retrieve deleted music on MacBook due to any reasons. Its advanced algorithms and straightforward instructions ensure easy and safe way to restore deleted music on MacBook. The software restores music files along with pictures, video clips, movies, RAW images and so on from MacBook. Including MacBook, this utility also helps in retrieving music files and other documents from different storage drives like portable hard disks, USB drives, memory cards, iPods, etc on Macintosh computer. The software works well with various versions of Mac OS X such as Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Mac 10.5 (Leopard).

Steps to get back deleted music on MacBook:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software and install it to your MacBook
  • Run the application and follow the main screen instructions
  • Choose “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to retrieve your removed music files on MacBook
  • After that, this tool shows all the volumes from your MacBook
  • Choose the MacBook volume from where music files are to be rescued
  • The program scans the selected volume and shows all the retrieved music files
  • Save the recovered songs to your desired destination location o MacBook, however not to the same MacBook volume from where you have restored music files
  • The software also allows you to save rescued music to any other external storage devices such as memory cards, pen drives, CD’s, DVD’s, etc.


  • The main thing you need to do after facing deletion of music on MacBook is to immediately stop using your MacBook because storing new file might result in overwriting of data
  • Confirm twice before emptying MacBook Trash folder in order to avoid permanent deletion of your music files

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