How to Restore iTunes Media Folder?

iTunes Media folder specifies where your media content is saved by default and usually specified under iTunes advanced preferences in your desktop. When you download and save music podcast or any media content in this folder; iTunes analyzes the data for compatibility and automatically import it to the Library. Because of several mistakes while operating computer user’s favorite media files are always at risk as they can lose iTunes Media folder at anytime. Therefore, users are always suggested to copy their Media folder to any external storage device for back up. Let’s go through following lines where you get an idea about how iTunes Media folder gets missing or deleted from your computer:

  • Loss of iTunes Media folder is possible if user forgets to backup it before OS re-installation
  • Deletion of User account in a computer will erase iTunes data including Library Media folder etc from computer hard drive
  • User may lose iTunes Media folder and their favorite music after renaming or moving folder
  • You may lose music from iTunes Media folder after erroneous upgrade process or after re-installing iTunes
  • Sometimes user may lose iTunes Media folder after formatting hard drive where this folder is saved
  • Inaccessibility of storage drive or location may also cause loss of iTunes Media folder in your Macintosh computer

Choose the best iTunes Media recovery tool:

Since, you don’t have any option to perform iTunes Media folder recovery manually; everything now depends upon your selection of third party iTunes data recovery tool. Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is a powerful application that performs hassle free and quick Media data recovery from iTunes. With this brilliant utility you get the most convenient way of iTunes Media folder recovery on Mac OX S devices. It helps you in retrieving lost media files after iTunes upgrade, sync error, application malfunction, OS crash, iTunes Library corruption and other data loss accidents. Using this software, one can restore movies, songs, photos and kinds of media files from iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie and Mac supported media storage applications and libraries. In addition, this utility is considered as the best app to restore lost iPod files after iTunes sync error and supports all Apple’s iPod devices such as iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Classic and iPod Nano.

Procedure to restore iTunes Media folder on Mac OS X:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery application to your Mac system
  • Execute the Setup to install the software and then launch its main wizard
  • Two options “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” are present in the main screen
  • Select the recovery mode based on the iTunes Media folder data loss scenario
  • The software scans your Mac system hard drive and displays all the logical Volumes
  • Choose the file type you need to recover or simply click on “Skip” button to pick all the file types by default
  • The recovery tool again scans the elected hard drive Volume and displays list of all the recoverable media files in Mac finder styled interface
  • Mark all the photo files which you want to recover
  • Also this application allows you to preview restored files before saving them
  • Save the retrieved media files to desired destination location on your Mac system

Things to Remember!

  • Always keep backup of your favorite media files either in your Mac OS X computer or to any removable storage device
  • Strictly avoid saving data to your Mac machine hard drive after losing iTunes Media folder
  • Keep updating iTunes app in your Mac system to enjoy all new features with smooth functioning

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